Outside The Box with Eryn Shewell @ Keyport Harbor 7/14/11

When life gets crazy and hectic, it’s nice to talk a moment to relax and stare out at the waterfront on a comfortable summer evening.

It’s even nicer when just in front of the water is a great live band.

Such was the case tonight in Keyport as Outside The Box played along with some special guests.

A few years ago I was introduced to Outside The Box by James Dalton, who said to check these young guys out (I think they may still have been in high school at the time). I am glad I listened to him, as Outside The Box showed great musicianship even in their infancy as a band.

Tonight showed that the years have only made them stronger.

Due to my afore mentioned crazy and hectic life, I missed a lot of their first set, but caught them doing some choice blues covers along with fellow local musician Eryn Shewell and her bandmate Pat Ruh. Every musician on stage had an opportunity to solo, and they all brought their A game, bringing the fire of the blues alive.

After a brief intermission Outside The Box returned and burned through songs from their just released album, “bridge”. As much as I love this album tonight confirmed what I suspected, this is a band that must be witnessed live. The energy they bring to their music, mixed with their obvious talent, made young and old dance. Even my jaded self felt the urge to move to the music. It’s just fun and entertaining.

To close out the second set, Eryn & Pat returned to burn through some more classic blues covers.




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Outside The Box

Outside The Box with Eryn Shewell & Pat Ruh