return to Artist Profile Playlist: Jon Caspi & The First Gun

Jon Caspi has been a longstanding figure on the U.S. national college radio scene.
His latest project is The First Gun and is a return to his indie/punk roots.

Playlist Tracklisting
"Hopelessly Devoted" from "Hopelessly Devoted"
"Head Down Hoedown" from "Hanging Around"
"To The Streets" from "Sucker"
"Drill A Whole" from "The Little Ones"
"Strange Situation" from "Strange Situation"
"Sun (featuring Dez Cadena)" from "Sun"
"Hanging Around" from "Hanging Around"
"Westerberg (To The Sea)" from "Sucker"
"Little Ones" from "The Little Ones"
"Fading Into Gray" from "Strange Situation"
"This Town" (Live)
"Always Looking" (Live)
"Smile (Song For My Son)" (Live)
"Raise Em High" (Live)
"Don't Bend" from "Strange Situation"