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Six To Eight Mathematics, a female-fronted punk/rock quartet based in Northern New Jersey, makes its mark on the NJ and NYC music scene with a collection of powerful, high-energy rock songs and the attitude that there isn't anything women can't do. A proven and seasoned live act, they blast furious and fiery punk rock songs while grooving with provocative bluesy rock n roll. Energetic, bold, devoted and determined, Six To Eight Mathematics is made up of four individuals, each with her or his own influences, who come together as a whole simply because they love to rock!

Playlist Tracklisting
"Short Order Whore" from "Mental Melodies"
"I Wanna Know" from "High Heels, Whiskey & Mayhem"
"Know What I Mean" from "Start Again"
"No" from "Mental Melodies"
"You Won't Love Me" from "High Heels, Whiskey & Mayhem"
"Y Not?" from "Start Again"
"Vic" from "Mental Melodies"
"Love Song?" from "High Heels, Whiskey & Mayhem"
"Breakdown" (live)
"My Imagination" (live)
"Participate" (live)
"Beggar" from "Mental Melodies"
"Coming Clear" from "High Heels, Whiskey & Mayhem"
"Mad Stereo" from "Start Again"