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The 65's formed in 2009 in Rutherford NJ, when Joe Pugsley and John Steele, who at the time were playing in the since defunct alt-country band The Dark Brothers, recruited some friends to record a collection of songs that Joe had wanted to release for some time. The songs were a mix of aggressive punk influenced pop songs, acoustic tracks, and mid-tempo, straightforward rock n roll.

Playlist Tracklisting
"A New War" from "New Fun Hell"
"High School" from "Strike Hard!"
"Holes Dug Deep" from "I Got You"
"Hyacinth" from "Walk On Selfishly b/w Hyacinth"
"No One Cares About Your Tears" from "Strike Hard!"
"I Got You" from "I Got You"
"Pay Up" (rough mix, EP outtake, 2013)
"Getting Past the Muck" from "Strike Hard!"
"Drown" from "New Fun Hell"
"Precision Auto" (Superchunk cover) from "From '93 'Til Infinity: A Dromedary Records Compilation"
"Walk On Selfishly" from "Strike Hard!"
"Have You Been Saved?" from "I Got You"
"Greatest Pretense" from "Strike Hard!"
"Hold On Tight" from "New Fun Hell"
"Worse Comes To" from "Strike Hard!"