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Psychedelia. Pop. Rock-N-Roll. Hooks. Twists. Turns. Songs. That's Us...

Playlist Tracklisting
"Magical" from "Assorted Colours"
"Sweet Girl" from "Looking at the Stars"
"Pinkerton's Assorted Colours" from "The Fall Parade"
"Blackboard of Your Mind" from "Coloursound"
"Girl on the Northern Line" from "Assorted Colours"
"Strawberry Smell" from "The Fall Parade"
"Never Take Your Love Away" from "Looking at the Stars"
"Never Stop Being '67" from "Coloursound"
"Fire Island" from "Assorted Colours"
"Friday's Girl" from "The Fall Parade"
"Don't You Think" from "Looking at the Stars"
"So in Love with You Girl" from "Coloursound"
"Love Bomb" from "Assorted Colours"