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The Backyard Superheroes are Central Jersey (US) Ska-punk band dedicated to bringing you a series of loud noises, in hopes that you'll do one of the following: sing with them, dance to them, tell your friends about them, go see them live, and just about anything else besides hating them or anyone else.

Playlist Tracklisting
"Pop Punk Fairy Tale" from "Tangerine Drive"
"Netflix & Chill" from "Netflix & Chill - Beerfest Sampler"
"Arcade Girl" from "Let's Get Dangerous"
"My Fault" (single)
"Lovestruck" from "Backyard Superheroes"
"Nothing Left to Lose: from "Falling With Style"
"Tangerine Drive" from "Tangerine Drive"
"What Could Go Wrong?" from "Let's Get Dangerous"
"Can't Stop" from "Backyard Superheroes"
"Chill Out, Dude! (Live)" from "Live tracks from the Stone Pony"