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Electro dream pop duo Bern & the Brights is Bernadette Malavarca and Catherine McGowan. Mixing rhythmic loops, synths, ambient guitars, emotional vocals, and introspective lyrics, their music is a fusion of light and dark wave.

Playlist Tracklisting
"Beautiful Morning" from "Heart Wide Open"
"Irish Boys" from "Work"
"Starchild" from "Starchild [Single]"
"Boo" from "Swing Shift Maisies"
"Rub Me Raw" from "Wartime Lullaby"
"Good Friday" from "Heart Wide Open"
"I See Red" from "Work"
"Sangria Peaches" from "Swing Shift Maisies"
"May In New York" from "Wartime Lullaby"
"War and Games" (Live)
"It Goes LIke That" (Live)
"As Long as I'm Alive" (Live)
"Heart Wide Open" from "Heart Wide Open"
"Slave Driver" from "Work"
"It Goes Like That" from "Swing Shift Maisies"