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At the core of Blisstique is the combination of pK on Vocals/Guitars/Keys and ChrisCat dropping beats/samples, decks, and electronics... A truly unique blend of Rock & Roll and Drum & Bass/ Electronica has been created to forge a new force in the underground music world. In an age where most bands fit one mold, Blisstique offers a sound that transcends definition with appeal to a variety of listeners. This is music that holds true to the original spirit of Rock and Roll both now and in their bright future.

Playlist Tracklisting
"Fight Of Your Life" from "Ghost Head Neblua"
"The Inconspicuous Observer" from "Light"
"Lightning In A Bottle" from "Elemental"
"Life's Not Fair" from "Stereo Spirits"
"Pour The Wine" from "Woo"
"Dangerous" from "Elemental"
"In A Rush" from "In A Rush" (Blisstique Meets Dub Proof)
"Alright!!" from "Stereo Spirits"
"Burn" from "Woo"
"Menagerie" from "Elemental"
"Some People" from "Stereo Spirits"
"Next Best" from "Woo"
"Rollin'" from "Light"
"Mello One" from "Stereo Spirits"
"Last Chance To Dance" (Live @ The Saint)