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When I was about seven or eight living in Newark, NJ, my grandmother and I took piano lesson every Saturday at a local music school. I'd over hear my piano teacher telling her and my mother that I had a "good ear" and that I "picked up things pretty fast."

In 1997 I started filling up books with words and poetry, and in 1999 I bought my first guitar. All that talk about being a "fast learner" and having a "good ear" came in handy. I was able to teach myself how to play guitar using only a guitar chords poster and Nirvana's Nevermind album. In 2005, with the help of some good friends who helped me get over any possible hints of stage fright, I got up on stage and did a set at my first open-mic which consisted of 3 originals and a Foo Fighters cover. Later the same year I played my first show as a featured act.

My name is Laree.

I am sincere.

Playlist Tracklisting
"Darkness on the Edge of Laree" from "Now That's What I Call Laree! 2"
"Woe is Me" from "Acoustic"
"Punk Rock One (Jessica or Something)" from "Now That's What I Call Laree"
"Turbo Cat" (Single)
"Be Gone (Stay Gone)" from "Banding Together 2016 Compilation"
"Am I The Only One?" (Single)
"If I Lose You" (SINGLE)
"Carrie" from "Mr. Gloom"
"Will I Ever Fall in Love?" from "Walls and Things EP"
"Do Work Son" from "The End is Near EP"
"Mr. Gloom (chill version)" from "Banding Together 2015 Compilation"
"Punk Rock Two (Socio - Political - Economic - Gobbledygook)" from "Now That's What I Call Laree"
"Scorched Earth Policy" from "Now That's What I Call Laree! 2"
"The End is Near" from "The End is Near EP"
"Do Things!" from "Acoustic"