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A NJ institution for many years - the Dipsomaniacs released 6 full length CDs and played most everywhere that would have them. Always playing from the heart, the band earned a reputation as an exceptionally solid and expressive pub rock band with surprisingly good tunes (for a bunch of guys from Jersey). Classic line-up included Mick Chorba, Tom O'Grady, Ron Mitchell, and Matt Maciolek.

Playlist Tracklisting
"Halo Around You" from "Social Crutch"
"Syd Barrett" from "Whatever Planet"
"Sun Shine Through" from "Freakin Eureka"
"Everyday" from "The Life You're Faking"
"Krackow" from "Undertow"
"Blame it on the Gin" from "Social Crutch"
"Goodbye 3 AM" from "Whatever Planet"
"Prince Harry" from "Freakin Eureka"
"Tina's Good at Everything" from "The Life You're Faking"
"White Trash Girl" from "Down The Drain"
"Together We Can Rule the World" from "Social Crutch"
"I Miss My Car" from "Whatever Planet"
"Calvin" from "Freakin Eureka"
"Valerie Valerie (NJT)" from "The Life You're Faking"
"Thank You" from "Whatever Planet"