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Frank & Frank Patrouch & Bill Anania

Our music style is a blend of coffee house rock with an original singer / songwriter vibe. We perform at local coffee houses and venues playing a compilation of original songs.

Playlist Tracklisting
"Rip it and Tear it (Live)" from "Unplugged & Uncouth"
"NJ Blooze" from "One Good Line"
"Howlin' Moon" from "The B- Sides" (Shotgun Bill)
"Purple Corvette (Live)" from "Unplugged & Uncouth"
"Easy Roller" from "One Good Line"
"Greying Peter Pan" from "Banding Together 2016 Compilation" (Frank Patrouch)
"Angeline (Live)" from "Unplugged & Uncouth"
"Baby I Have You" from "One Good Line"
"My Girl" from "Banding Together 2016 Compilation" (Shotgun Bill)
"I Got Arrested (Live)" from "Unplugged & Uncouth"
"Maryann" from "One Good Line"
"Way Too Low" from "Whiskey And Revenge" (Frank Patrouch)
"Riding Out The Storm" from "One Good Line"
"The Way You Look" from "The B- Sides" (Shotgun Bill)
"Midnight Train" from "Unplugged & Uncouth"

Interview Archive
April 3rd, 2016 (Shotgun Bill)