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Happy Joe is a rowdy band with something to say.

Playlist Tracklisting
"Smashed Up Cadillac" from "Big Mouth" (1)
"Not One Word" from "Banding Together 2016 Compilation" (1)
"My Life Distracted" from "Kiss The Planet Blue" (2)
"Workers" from "Big Mouth" (1)
"Byron's Motorcycle" from "Guitars, Stars, And Candy Bars" (3)
"Song For The Next War (alt. version)" from "Banding Together 2013 Compilation" (4)
"Boat Going Down" from "Big Mouth" (1)
"Ride Thru Wyoming" from "Riot On Spaghetti Drive" (4)
"Sort Of Antisocial" from "Armed And Amplified" (3)
"Song For A Musician" from "Big Mouth" (1)
"Hey" from "Kiss The Planet Blue" (2)
"Trax East Blues" from "Guitars, Stars, And Candy Bars" (3)
"Organized Religion" from "Big Mouth" (1)
"Double Crossed" from "Armed And Amplified" (3)
"I Quit" from "Big Mouth" (1)

(1) as Happy Joe
(2) as Kiss The Planet Blue
(3) as Joe Canzano And The Rhythmic Revolution
(4) as Joe Canzano