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In September 2008, Keith Monacchio, formally of the bands The Commons and The Semibeings officially launched a solo career.

Playlist Tracklisting
"The Courageous Getaway of Ciro & Madelina Fuentos" from "Rock Against Hate"
"The Bridge" from "The Dust-Up"
"Indiana Jones" from "The Long Evening"
"Coffee House" from "'tips, drinks & gas money' ep"
"The Wheat Field" from "The Dust-Up"
"Under the Streetlight" from "The Long Evening"
"Stars" from "Banding Together 2016 Compilation"
"Saber-Tooth Tiger" from "The Dust-Up"
"Novocain" from "The Long Evening"
"My Brother Wants To Be A Survivalist" from "Banding Together 2012 Compilation"
"Where You Live, I Live" from "The Dust-Up"
"She Stumbles Gracefully" from "The Long Evening"
"Good Night To Die" from "Banding Together 2013 Compilation"
"I Won't Give Up" (Live)
"Hey Josephine" (with Joe Harvard) (Live)