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The Porchistas, born on a porch in Montclair, NJ. Lyrically driven Folk, Hippy, Space Rock & Roll.

Influences include Ween, Randy Newman, Leonard Cohen & The Electric Mayhem.

Playlist Tracklisting
"Mischief Night" from "Axis & Allies"
"The Moon Saloon" from "Shoot it at the Sun"
"Friends in the underground" from "The Baby Album"
"The PBR Song" from "Save The Earth"
"Ebolabama" from "Axis & Allies"
"Its A No Fit" from "Shoot it at the Sun"
"Tooty tooty ta" from "Live"
"Zombie Jesus (Live @ Espresso Joe's)" from "Banding Together 2014 Compilation"
"Frankly, you can thank me" from "Live"
"The Garbage Corridor" from "Shoot it at the Sun"
"I need more" from "The Baby Album"
"Nuke The World" from "Save The Earth"
"Hope for the Flowers" (Single)
"A Piece A Junk" from "Shoot it at the Sun"
"Oh we oh why" from "Save The Earth"