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Particle Zoo was a New Jersey Melody-driven alt-rock band with '60s retro buzz and '80s pop-rock beep.

Playlist Tracklisting
"Edge Of Oblivion" from "Collection"
"Even An Army" from "Into The Fray"
"Pi In The Sky" from "Loneliness and Strangers"
"Duluth" from "It's In The Cans"
"So Many Moons Away" from "Collection"
"Rockbottom" from "Into The Fray"
"Girasole" from "Loneliness and Strangers"
"Personova" from "It's In The Cans"
"Summer Rain Song" from "Collection"
"Shadow Of The Mountain" from "Into The Fray"
"Freaky Fat Tuesday" from "Loneliness and Strangers"
"Ridiculous Games" from "It's In The Cans"
"Recipe For Nothing" from "Collection"
"A Return To Normalcy" from "Into The Fray"
"Strangers With the Same Dream" from "Loneliness and Strangers"

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April 29, 2009

August 27, 2008