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New Jersey based indie singer/songwriter Dennis King aka Sonofdov first discovered music on his family's out of tune piano, pounding out dramatic overtures with no rhyme or reason. King taught himself out of necessity and emotion, the latter being the driving pendulum,which is still present in his music today.

Playlist Tracklisting
"Let Me In" (single)
"Night Vision" from "Night Vision"
"Breathing Fire" (live @ Espresso Joe's for Guitar Pull)
"Oceans" from "Ulysses"
"When Stars Return" from "Spartan and Free"
"Wheels of your Heart" from "Gone to Seed"
"Smoke Signals" from "Night Vision"
"Only If Your Heart Begins To Fade" from "Ulysses"
"Satellites" from "Banding Together 2013 Compilation"
"Spartan and Free" from "Spartan and Free"
"Let it Love" from "Gone to Seed"
"Only If Your Heart Begins To Fade After The Storm" (single)
"Gold Dust" from "Ulysses"
"Boy On Fire" from "Night Vision"
"First Step" from "Banding Together 2016 Compilation"

Concert Archive
Banding Together 2015 set