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Heard For The First Time - Reviews by Art Scotch

Glen Hansard / Casanovacaine / Tura Lura / Rob Jennings / The Fisherman & The Sea


I've agreed to do this again, though when I saw the name Lazlo put on this blog, I didn't like it. It's a shit pun, but it is his site and I'm too lazy to come up with a better name.

So let's see what he gave me this time


Glen Hansard - "Why Woman" (from "Between Two Shores")

This is not the sound I expected from the guy best known for his work with the Swell Season, and The Frames. This song sounds like Glen has been listening to a lot of Otis Redding. Curious if this is indicative of the entire new album.


Casanovacaine - "Walls Of The Earth" (from "the Grit")

This song may be 40 some years too late. This has a 70's hard rock sound, and while the vocals are good, this song is all about the guitar riffs. I want to get one of those big 70's white, earmuff sized headphones, sit in one of those egg shaped chairs, and really blaze out to this tune.


Tura Lura - "Complete Bore"

Why does everything Lazlo is sending me this time sound retro? This band reminds me of a band I used to see play in NJ back in the mid 1990's. Actually it reminds me of several bands from that era. Mid-tempo, alterna-pop. Are you sure this isn't a reissue of a 20 year old song?


Rob Jennings - "All The Way Down" (from "Demos")

Everything old is new again...this has a very 70's singer-songwriter feel, with some pretty overdubbed harmonies. The opening sounds reminiscent of "Here Comes The Sun".

I'm not familiar with Rob Jennings, but if Lazlo told me he was popular on easy listening stations I would believe it.


The Fisherman & The Sea - "Stuck With A Rhyme" (from "Stuck With A Rhyme")

Stuck, stuck, stuck, with this song in my head...but that's a good thing. It's catchy, upbeat, and appears to be about writer's block. I wish when I get writer's block I could use it to write a song as good as this.

[Editor's note: This song appears on's New Music Sampler for January (download for free here]


And I'm out.

- Art Scotch

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