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Broadcast live on our station 3/7/18 @ 7pm

Jack Names The Planets - "Boxeador" from "Boxeador [single]"
Bad Whoremoans - "The Dead Next Door" from "The Dead Next Door [single]"
Torpedoes - "No Thank You" from "Choker"
Abbie Gardner with JP Ruggieri - "Afraid Of Love" from "Live at Arcata Playhouse"
A Careless Mouth - "Glassy" from "Glasy / Tell Me"
Jake Gussman - "Eggie" from "Eggie"
Zebrantula - "Could you Please" from "Demo"
J Thoubbs - "Fistfight of the Century at the Annual Neighborhood BBQ" from "The Confidence Interval"
Have A Good Season - "Gum" from "MPBS: Before the Gold Rush / Gum"
Cockroach Boyfriend - "Sleep Walked For Miles" from "a clear blue sky with one cloud in sight"
Uncle Einar - "Bone And All" from "Find Me In The Twilight"
Clever Girl (Right Handed) - "Yeah, It's Beautiful Here Too" from "PRF Monthly Tribute Series - February 2018: Superchunk"

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