September 11th, 2006

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Message From Lazlo

Hi Everyone,

While today marks the 5th anniversary of September 11th, 2001, I'd rather utilize this space to speak of something positive about the music scene. That does not mean that I am insensitive to what today is, if you would rather read about my thoughts about September 11th, click here to read my message from the September 15th, 2001 newsletter.

For everyone who chooses to read on, I will be talking about a new music venue in NJ, that may be the shot in the arm our scene needs.

This weekend I went to Buddie's Tavern, a bar in Parlin (Sayreville), NJ. Mike Grau from the band The Marbles, and a former booker at the Broadway Central Cafe, has started booking shows here on Saturday nights.

The venue has quite a few positives to it, which I am going to list here:

No Cover Charge - That's right, you never have to pay to go to a show here. So if you ever wanted to go out and see live music, but didn't want to pay a lot of money to see bands you may not like, well, now you can go here and see 3 bands every Saturday for FREE! And note to the bands: you do get paid for playing! At the end of the night 20% of the bar tab gets divided amongst the bands.

Ample Free Parking - If you're like me, you're tired of driving around Hoboken, Asbury Park, or New Brunswick, trying to find a spot near the club (without having to pull into an expensive lot). Buddie's Tavern has 2 parking lots, with plenty of spots for cars.

A Large Stage Area & Good Soundsystem - While they don't have a "stage", they have a huge space set aside for bands to play on, and a full PA soundsystem with monitors for the bands.

Not Only Are The Drink Prices Reasonable, But They Have Good Food Too - Buddie's Tavern has a menu full of sandwiches and pizza (of which I can personally say was a good pie).

Conveniently Location - Buddie's Tavern is located at 277 Johnson Lane, Parlin, NJ. It's just minutes off of Route 9, and only 5 minutes from Starland Ballroom.

Why am I raving about this place? Solely because I believe this place could be a big help to our scene. They're willing to take the chance on original bands playing there, without even charging a cover, certainly I feel this is a place worthy of my support.

And with that in mind, I am proud to announce that will be sponsoring a show there on Sat. Oct. 21st.

In the meantime, for more information on Buddie's Tavern, or to find out about booking a show there, you can contact Mike Grau at


And now for a quick Lazlo's Den update.

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Little Dipper - counting backwards

The best way to describe the music of little dipper is "uniquely familiar". Play the music in the background around some friends and they'll swear they've heard this band before..but yet ask them who they sound like and they won't be able to classify it. The band produces it's own unique sound...

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Goba what goes around the worst live band in New Jersey

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Concert Calendar

Thursday September 14th
Bands Venue
Mike Ferraro& the Young Republicans CBGB's Lounge
313 Bowery
Kosmic Daydream Pussycat Lounge
96 Greenwich Street at Rector

Friday September 15th
Bands Venue
Joe Whyte The Cutting Room
19 West 24th St

Saturday September 16th
Bands Venue
Dave Murphy Hillside Cafe
45 Hillside Crescent
the Problem Sin-e
150 Attorney St
Roots Rock Rebel CBGB's
313 Bowery

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