November 6th, 2006

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Broadcast Schedule
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12 noon & 7pm - Classics (everyday)

8pm - Lazlo's Den (Mon-Fri)

9pm - Jersey Beat Podcast Hosted by Jim Testa (Tues & Thurs)

9am - The Sunday Morning Hangover 3 hours of acoustic music (Sun)

Album of the Month
Free Downloads

Jon Caspi in-studio performance of "smile (song for my son)"

Funch - robots will kill you

John Raido - act two

Echofission - amplify the sun

jpat - the wall of sound sessions

Chris Batten & The Woods - 2005 demonstartion songs

Local Music News

13 Hands on the Official Ballot for the 2007 Grammy Awards

The Finals "Plan Your Getaway" in Japan

new tunes from Lexington Down

Asbury Music Awards 2006 Nominees

Message From Lazlo

Hi Everyone,

No pulling punches this week, I only have one message, and that's to get out and vote tomorrow!

And specifically, vote democrat!

Neither party (Republicans and Democrats) are particularly great, HOWEVER, we've seen what happens when one party rules the presidency, the house, and the senate (and more recently the Supreme Court too).

If you're happy with the way things have been going the last 6 years, then by all means, "stay the course", but if you're like me, you know change is necessary.

The forefathers of this great country never intended for one party, with one mind, to be in charge of the executive and both legislative branches, and it has allowed for the quagmire, most internationally and domestically, that we now face.

We've gone from a goverment suplass, to the biggest deficit in history.

We've gone from gas prices being around $1.25 a gallon, to it regularly being well over $2 a gallon.

We've gone from being respected in the global community, to being an embarassment.

But let's face it, you already know the facts, and you are going to vote, or not vote, based on your own beliefs. I just hope you'll stop to think about where you want the country to go, and who can help make that happen.



Album Of The Month

here for more info on's Album of the Month

Grover Kent - running out of Ramones

4 of the most socially inept old men (ok 2 socially inept young men and me and Jay) playing a style of music that people claim is dead. Judging from the massive turnout at shows, maybe they are right. Or maybe we're just not the ERGS <3 Check us out, you'll probably like it...

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New Songs Added This Week

Buzz Universe birdfishtree
Gary Paul Hermus Sid's Gaseteria

Local Concert Picks of the 

Friday - Mazeffect, The Ergs!, Parasites @ Buddie's Tavern ...(more)
Jim Testa
Jersey Beat

Friday - Mazeffect, The Ergs!, Parasites @ Buddie's Tavern

Saturday - Luzer @ Maxwell's ...(more)
Gary Wien
Upstage Magazine

Saturday - Asbury Music Awards @ Stone Pony ...(more)
Jared Migden


Concert Calendar

Tuesday November 7th
Bands Venue
the Misery Loves The Goldhawk
936 Park Ave (at 10th st.)
Sonny Kenn The Saint
601 Main St
Asbury Park

Thursday November 9th
Bands Venue
Bon Bomb
The Heshers
The Knitting Factory
74 Leonard St

Friday November 10th
Bands Venue
The Ergs
Buddie's Tavern
277 Johnsons Lane
Kosmic Daydream The Underpass
158 Market St
Elmwood Park

Saturday November 11th
Bands Venue
Souls Release
The Radio Galaxy
Hey Tiger
78 North Ave
Asbury Music Awards The Stone Pony
913 Ocean Ave
Asbury Park

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