December 11th, 2006

Wednesday January 3rd
Folk You!

Jon Andrew

Kate Hart

Mike Robertson
(Mason Dixon)

The Goldhawk
936 Park Ave
Hoboken, NJ

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Local Music News

Dipsomaniacs Seek New Guitarist

Asbury Music Awards 2006 Winners
Saturday January 20th Free Concert Series

Kosmic Daydream

Mike Ferraro


Buddie's Tavern
277 Johnsons Ln
Parlin, NJ

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Alex Brumel: "the next big thing" from NJ? For me there is nothing like that feeling of witnessing a stellar performance by a rising star, and just feeling lucky to have seen the performance in a small venue before the artist breaks into the big time. Living in NJ, where there seems to be something in the water that makes good musicians, this feeling happens pretty regularly. Unfortunately, most of the rising stars I see end up toiling around the NJ music scene, playing stellar performances night after the night for small audiences, and never getting noticed, or worse, getting noticed by a major label, and then getting screwed by the label...(more)
Review: Will Hoge / Backyard Tire Fire - 11/15/06
Often when I go to review a rock show, I have pen and paper at the ready to jot down notes. After all, I'm there to report on the show, so I should be professional and accurate in the information that I am conveying to you...(more)
Asbury Music Awards 2006
Every year the local music community gets together for the Asbury Music Awards, an evening of live local music, and awards representing "the best" of the local music scene. I put "the best" in quotes, because anytime an award is given in out anywhere, it's subjective, just because Crash won an Oscar earlier this year for best picture doesn't mean that the film wasn't ridiculously bad to me. So I always take the actual awards part of an awards show with a grain of salt, and watch them for the entertainment value...(more)

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Album of the Month
Alex Brumel
"Alex Brumel"

The Jersey Shore's Alex Brumel is a 21-year-old singer/songwriter quickly making a name for himself in historic clubs like the Saint and The Stone Pony. Deeply rooted in the folk, rock, and blues traditions, his music is grounded in simple, vocally-driven storytelling. Alex's songs represent a new fusion of American roots elements
Concert Picks of the Week

Lazlo (

Saturday - Divine Sign, Readymade Breakup @ Court Tavern ...(more)
Jim Testa (Jersey Beat)

Friday - Hero Pattern, Perfuma, The Misery Loves, The Upwelling @ Court Tavern ...(more)
Gary Wien (Upstage)

Saturday - Jon Francis, Erik Major, Mike Black @ SICA ...(more)
Jared Migden (WRSU)

Saturday - Happy Drunk XMas Party @ Club Deep ...(more)

Message From Lazlo

Hi Everyone,

This Friday, December 15th, 2006 will mark the official 6th anniversary of!

Wow, 6 years...I've seen a lot of good NJ bands form and breakup...change names, change band members, even changing their sound.

I've had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people, many who are now among my close friends. has been given the opportunity to work with other great local music scene people and zines/stations/sites, like Jersey Beat, Artist Amplification, Artkore, Upstage Magazine/Radio, WRSU, 90.5 the Night, Grausound, the World Beyond Network, and more that I'm sure I'm forgetting right now (sorry).

We've sponsored or co-sponsored shows all over NJ, at places including, the Broadway Central Cafe, SICA, the Court Tavern, Maxwell's, Loop Lounge, Shannon Lounge, Rodeo Ristra, The Underpass, Images, Berkeley Carteret Oak Room Bar, The Goldhawk, The Saint, and Buddie's Tavern. I even had the opportunity to MC a show at Starland Ballroom. has been involved with benefits for Toys For Tots, Cancer research, 9/11 victims, Tsunami victims, and a little over a year ago, I did what I could to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, but getting the local music scene together for a special radio broadcast (that aired simultaneously on, Upstage Radio, and 90.5 the Night), that helped raise money for the victims of the terrible tragedy.

We've done acoustic music marathons, and electric music marathons too. This past summer, working with Alan Tepper, we put together the Black River Music & Art Fest, which drew close to 2000 people out to hear 21 bands. It's moments like that when I realize that is helping the scene, and will continue to help bring the scene and the fans closer together.

But my greatest moment of all the stuff I've been involved in was my wedding, at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park! (where I even sang "born to run" (badly) backed by Bunny England & The New Originals).

Every night this week on Lazlo's Den (which airs at 8pm ET), I'll be looking back over the last 6 years of Playing songs from some of the many bands I've had the pleasure of playing over the years.

I'll also be digging into the archives and play some excerpts from rare interviews done over the years with artists like The Churchills, double-breasted, Particle Zoo, Small A.M., Josh Van Ness, and Val Emmich.

There will also be rare live tracks, recorded over the years by my wife and I, played during these shows.

So tune in all this week at 8pm, and relive the last 6 years of with me.



New Songs Added This Week

Wiser Time there and back again

Concert Calendar

Tuesday December 12th
Bands Venue
Joe Whyte Arlene Grocery
95 Stanton St

Thursday December 14th
Bands Venue
Causeway Triumph Brewery
138 Nassau St

Friday December 15th
Bands Venue
The Finals
Clash Bar
39 Harding Ave
Hero Pattern
the Misery Loves
The Court Tavern
124 Church St
New Brunswick
Ifwhen Southpaw
125 Fifth Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Saturday December 16th
Bands Venue
Divine Sign
Readymade Breakup
The Court Tavern
124 Church St
New Brunswick
The Finals
The Bloomfield Ave Cafe
347 Bloomfield Ave
Glennwood Marita's Cantina
1 Penn Plaza
New Brunswick

Monday December 18th
Bands Venue
Kosmic Daydream Club Midway
25 Ave B

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