March 26th, 2007

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CD Reviews: Mike June & The Dirty Doves, Fixer, Army Of Me
This week featuring reviews of:

Mike June & The Dirty Doves - lovesick

Fixer - before the sun

Army Of Me - Citizen

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CD Reviews: The Mother Hips, Hotel De Ville, Full Minute Of Mercury
This week featuring reviews of:

The Mother Hips - "kiss the crystal flake"

Hotel De Ville - Hotel De Ville

Full Minute Of Mercury - CD sampler

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CD Reviews: Backyard Tire Fire, Drew & The Medicinal Pen, The Crusher, Chow Nasty
This week featuring reviews of:

Backyard Tire Fire - vagabonds and hooligans

Drew & The Medicinal Pen - dream, dream, fail, repeat

The Crusher - deliver us from emo

Chow Nasty - ungawa...the party starts right f**king now

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Album of the Month
Kate Hart
Kate Hart - "natural born wallflower"

All songs were written and sung by me (with the excepction of Great Legs, which is a cover of a Chixdiggit song). HUGE thank you to Dan from Mazeffect & Grover Kent for playing the drums, bass and some guitar parts on these songs, as well as for helping me record them through GarageBand.
Concert Picks of the Week

Lazlo (

2 picks this weekend that will keep you entertained.

Friday night is Kate Hart's CD release party at Buddie's Tavern in Parlin. Kate's CD, "natural born wallflower", is a Low-fi indie-pop rock gem, showcasing catchy and fun lyrics. Also on the bill is former Mercury to Hell frontwoman, Lisa M. Bello, and Particle Zoo. This show is part of the Free Concert Series at Buddie's Tavern.

The on Saturday, the Baronet Theatre in Asbury Park is the place to be for what is sure to be a cool "sit down" rock show, featuring: Tony Tedesco & Damaged Goods, The Commons, Arlan Feiles & His Lone Orchestra, Jon Caspi Band, and Karmic Juggernaut.

Jim Testa (Jersey Beat)

Thursday, March 29
FOR SCIENCE, Project 27, Holy Mess, Ghost Town Trio - 75 Louis St. New Brunswick - 7:30 pm, $5, all ages

New Brunswick basement shows have given the world bands like Thursday and the Bouncing Souls; will For Science be the next on that list? The band's songs on the new "New York Vs. New Jersey" pop/punk compilation from Crafty Records are a little catchier and slightly less spazzy and chaotic than some of their earlier material. Are these punk-rock yahoos going straight? Find out for yourself on this bill with Long Island's impressive Weaselcore kids Project 27 along with Holy Mess and Ghost Town Trio.

Gary Wien (Upstage)

Jared Migden (WRSU)

The Finals Announce New Singer For Spring Tour

For the New Jersey based rock band The Finals, 2006 proved to be a pivotal year. With the release of their first full-length album, “Plan Your Getaway,” on Immortal Records, the band was in full swing.

The press raved:

“This is a band with a ton of promise to make an impact on a few different scenes."-All Ages Zine

“There's an occasional twangy guitar or country-fried riff (particularly on "Plague Escapade") that suggest The Finals have a few unexpected tricks up their sleeves for albums to come.”-Spin Magazine

“Once ‘Plan Your Getaway’ makes its way onto your stereo, you’ll have a very hard time wanting to switch it off. -Black Velvet (UK)”

"Difficult to put this CD down once you hit the play button... Reminds me of The Living End and Alkaline Trio." -Euro Punk

But while the band extensively toured the U.S. in support of the album, singer/bassist Matt Reilly faced a life changing decision. After a few months on the road, Reilly decided to leave the band.

Left without a singer, the remaining members (Jason Sazer - Guitar/Vocals, Lou Bottone - guitar, Joshua Sazer - drums, Christian Kisala - keyboards) were unsure of their future. Bottone reveals, “I was relieved and worried at the same time. I knew we would continue to be a band, but with a new record out and no singer I wasn’t sure how we’d recover.” After meeting with management, the band made the decision to move forward by posting anonymous ads online in search of a replacement.

Andrew Seagle, a musician from North Carolina whose band had just broken up, saw one of the posts. Coaxed by his girlfriend, Seagle responded to the ad. With nothing holding him back, Seagle hopped on a plane and headed to New Jersey. Well armed with the four tunes the band requested, he immediately impressed the group, and was offered the position after just a few hours. “He was more than we could have hoped for,” states Kisala. “He's the total package, musician wise, and more importantly... personality wise.”

“Upon the first song, first note, even first greeting, it's felt like I'm finally doing the right thing,” says Seagle. “I'm dealing with professionals with the same goals. I've received nothing but respect and courtesy. It's a unit in which I’m proud to be a part. Even outside of the music, I couldn't ask for more genuine guys to be around.”

The band is currently writing new material for their follow-up to the Heath Saraceno (Midtown) produced and John Naclerio (Brand New, My Chemical Romance, Senses Fail) engineered “Plan You Getaway.” Collectively inspired by a diverse array of artists such as The Beatles and The Cars, to Metallica and Alkaline Trio, The Finals draw from their influences, while making solid and distinct records.

The formula has been successful thus far: The Finals have been featured as Band of The Day on and in November 2006, “Plan Your Getaway” was released in Japan via Kick Rock Music. The band has fine tuned their live show into a “powerful and explosive experience,” as Sazer likes to put it, and has been chosen to play with The Ataris, Koufax, The Matches, Midtown and more.

Continuing to tour in support of “Plan Your Getaway,” Seagle reveals, “I know we're heading out to do something important, something meaningful, and I honestly can't wait to see things through.” Sazer explains, “We're all confident and comfortable with the fact that Andrew joining the band is going to help take us to the ‘next level.’ We're all excited to write new songs, and tour as a wiser, more unified band.”

Message From Lazlo

Hi Everyone,

Three pieces of news for you this week on

First off, as I mentioned the other week, thanks to new royalty rates set up by the government,, and all internet radio stations, are in danger of being silenced forever. Please go to, and sign the petition to help overturn the new rates that will shut me, and most internet stations down.

I thank you for your help in keeping alive.


Second, this Friday Buddie's Tavern will play host to another Free Concert Series show!

This one is a very special show, as it marks the CD release for Kate Hart's amazing CD, "natural born wallflower".

Here's the info on all 3 acts performing Friday:

Particle Zoo

Particle Zoo's "Loneliness and Strangers" CD reviews:

"Particle Zoo continue their transformation from loud punky-punks to melodic pop songsmiths on Loneliness and Strangers. Songwriter Jeff DeVito wraps himself in '60s garage rock and the Beatles and churns out ear-grabbing riffs and hooks. "
-The Village Voice

"Pop rock at its finest... this record is simply infectious."
-The Aquarian Weekly

"A total four-star blast."
-Jersey Beat

"Loneliness & Strangers is one of the essential Jersey indie releases of 2005, from one of the state's most thoughtful and perceptive pop bands."

Kate Hart

"Natural born wallflower, the debut 8 song album from NJ singer/songwriter Kate Hart, is a Low-fi indie-pop rock gem, showcasing catchy and fun lyrics (examples are songs "boys are dumb" and "I kill bugs"), but also contains a very compelling ballad (complete with a surprisingly lush sounding programmed string section), in "attic song". Closing the album is a nice cover of the Cubs song, "New York City". This is a great debut.

Lisa M. Bello

Lisa M. Bello has always loved music. She discovered her love of rock music upon first hearing Pearl Jam, Mazzy Star, and Smashing Pumpkins in 1994.Having written poetry and prose from a very young age, she began to construct poetry in song form. She searched out other like minded souls and began to get interested in forming a musical project.

During this time Lisa discovered the band Hole and a musician named Juliana Hatfield. These two women inspired Lisa to pick up a guitar and start playing. Soon she was constructing her own songs and started to persue a band of her own.

The first of her music projects was fronting a band called Table 57. This band was Lisa's brain child for five years. Through its many lineup changes Table 57 remained a growing, well-liked, and enriching experience before Lisa decided to disband it in 2001.

After the disbandment of Table 57, Lisa began to think about going solo and proceeded to record an ill-fated album. Ill-fated because the computer it was recorded on was infiltrated and corrupted by a virus and most songs were completely lost. Although that record went by the wasteside, the songs did not.

Lisa kept most of these songs on the back burner while she co-founded a band called Mercury to Hell. In this band, there were several songwriters and Lisa focused more on her guitar playing. Sadly, Mercury to Hell ended because of irreconcilable differences.

A short lived band called the Black Clouds developed from the ashes of Mercury to Hell but that also ended after about a year because of internal struggles.

Wasting little time, Lisa decided the time was right to go solo. She asked some of her friends, including some ex-band members to help her record her first solo album. Happily, they obliged. The album called Me and My Heart on My Sleeve was recorded January 2006 to June 2006 taking most of May off. Lisa M. Bello played all guitars and sang on all songs, played the majority of the bass, and the aforementioned friends shared the drumming duties.

Me and My Heart on My Sleeve wass independently released on September 26th, 2006

I hope you can make it out to celebrate the release of Kate Hart's CD!


The new Jukebox poll is up!

Check out the Jukebox to listen to (and vote for) the following songs:

Gary Paul Hermus - take me out and get me loaded

Alan Tepper - karma

Mike June & The Dirty Doves - fighting the war

Kosmic Daydream - right now

Matt Fisher & The Telephone Junkies - only getting older

Arlan Feiles - sign up

Thomas Martin & The Martinis - love her like crazy

Kerry - Cubana Americana

Six To Eight Mathematics - promise to be true

Head over to the Jukebox poll now and, "rock the vote"!


New Songs Added This Week

Robin Renee live devotion

Concert Calendar

Thursday March 29th
Bands Venue
Full Out Freak Rebel
251 W 30th St
Jim Testa Stain
766 Grand St
Brooklyn, NY

Friday March 30th

Saturday March 31st
Bands Venue
Tony Tedesco & Damaged Goods
The Commons
Arlan Feiles & His Lone Orchestra
Jon Caspi Band
Karmic Juggernaut
Baronet Theatre
205 4th Ave
Asbury Park
Hero Pattern
Anthony Fiumano
The Chilling Details
the Misery Loves
Rick Barry
The Court Tavern
124 Church St
New Brunswick
Little Dipper The Rail
350 E Main St
Bound Brook
Kosmic Daydream Orphan Annie's
1255 Valley Rd

Monday April 2nd
Bands Venue
Readymade Breakup The Annex
152 Orchard St

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