May 21st, 2007

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Message From Lazlo

Hi Everyone,

I'm kinda on vacation this week but wanted to send out a quick newsletter nonetheless.

Were you at the Wave Gathering over the weekend? If you weren't you missed a great time. You can catch up by reading my review here.


Since I am on vacation, I will be running classic Lazlo's Den shows every night this week. But don't worry, Lazlo's Den will return with new shows the middle of next week, when I return from W.E. Fest.

That's right, the Wave Gathering just got me primed to hear more live music, so I'll be road tripping down to Wilmington, NC with Jersey Beat's own, Jim Testa. Plenty of NJ bands will be there too, including Readymade Breakup, High Speed Chase, Anthony Fiumano, April Smith, The Chilling Details, Billy, and probably a few others that I forgot right now. So if you're looking for a cool way to celebrate Memorial Day weekend, go to for more info.

And last, but certainly not least, please keep going to to find out ways to help the fight to save internet radio.

Thank you, as always, for your support.


The new Jukebox poll is up!

Check out the Jukebox to listen to (and vote for) the following songs:

Gary Paul Hermus - take me out and get me loaded

Alan Tepper - karma

Mike June & The Dirty Doves - fighting the war

Kosmic Daydream - right now

Matt Fisher & The Telephone Junkies - only getting older

Arlan Feiles - sign up

Thomas Martin & The Martinis - love her like crazy

Kerry - Cubana Americana

Six To Eight Mathematics - promise to be true

Head over to the Jukebox poll now and, "rock the vote"!


Album of the Month
Matt Fisher & The Telephone Junkies - "the clock doesn't stop"

Matt Fisher and the Telephone Junkies play rock and roll music.

Fisher's songwriting style is heavily influenced by artists like Elvis Costello and Ben Folds, while the instrumental arrangements add the power-chord rock and simple, driving grooves of groups like Weezer. To top it off, Fisher and the Junkies provide an extremely tight and entertaining live act.

It all adds up to create a unique and memorable sound and a live show that is certainly worth seeing, especially in the age of auto-tune and ProTools. These boys remind us of what live rock and roll is all about. If you feel like you recognize a few of them, it's probably because you've seen them before. Fisher and Jones were previously in a group called the Sly Caps, who were featured on MTV's Made and Total Request Live (see MTV video here). After touring extensively in support of the band, Fisher thought it best to disband the group after having some creative differences.

As a solo artist, Fisher was backed by a revolving door of players, but in December 2005, Voinski and Jones decided to join the group for the long haul. Though the group entertained a line-up as a quartet for a while, it became apparent after a few months the group performed best as a trio. If you want to check out a great live act and meet a group of charming gentlemen, currently you can see Matt Fisher & the Telephone Junkies throughout NYC and in their home state of New Jersey.

New Songs Added This Week

Anthony Fiumano the acoustic demo
April Smith loveletterbombs

the latest anderson council news...


we hope all is well with you and yours. we have some news for you. here goes....

1. our song "strawberry smell" is in the film "i'm reed fish", which is being released in select cities on june 1st. it will be playing at quad cinema in nyc.

please go see it.

2. here's a groovy clip from youtube of the song...

3. the anderson council, along with a bunch of the ny/nj bands that also have songs in the film, will be playing a pre-release party at the rodeo bar in nyc on may 31st. for more info...

4. we regret to inform you that mr. jimmy charles has left the band. suffice it to say that we will miss him and his incredible talent. we will eventually be holding auditions to find a suitable replacement. if you or someone you know would be interested in auditioning, please respond to this email address.

as always, thanks for listening! we hope to see you soon.




"Partial Possession Claim" (the new album from Lexington Down) complete. We are getting it mastered within the next two weeks and then it will be printed. The official release date will likely end up in June. It's pretty amazing how much longer than projected some things take. We thought this album would be wrapped up in January. I will be posting pre-mastered, pre-release tracks right here on our website for everyone to listen.

You can stream the entire album at
Concert Picks of the Week

Lazlo (

Anthony Fiumano & The Medicine Chest play the Saint this Tuesday opening up for Griffin House. If you missed Anthony at the Wave Gathering, you get another chance to see one of the promising acts to come from the Jersey shore.
Jim Testa (Jersey Beat)

Wednesday, May 23
THE COPYRIGHTS, The Methadones, For Science, The Groucho Marxists - Court Tavern, 124 Church St. New Brunswick - 10 pm, $6, 21+

A rare mid-week gig at the Court Tavern with two local favorites - Chris Pierce's Groucho Marxists and the much-improved For Science and two touring pop/punk bands, Chicago's Methadones (featuring ex-Screeching Weasel/Queers member Dan Vapid) and from the nether parts of Illinois, the Copyrights. Fans of pop/punk won't want to miss this show!
Upcoming Concerts

Concert Picks of the Week

Gary Wien (Upstage)

Jared Migden (WRSU)

Concert Calendar

Monday May 21st
Shawn Mullins, Johnette Napolitano (of Concrete Blonde) @ World Cafe Live

Tuesday May 22nd
Anthony Fiumano
The Saint
601 Main St
Asbury Park

Thursday May 24th
The Swan Vestas
50 West Broadway
Bob Baldwin @ The Wonder Bar

Tuesday May 29th
Trash Bar
256 Grand St
Williamsburg, NY

Wednesday May 30th
The Underpass
158 Market St
Elmwood Park

Thursday May 31st
Readymade Breakup

The Delancey
168 Delancey St.
(212) 254-9220

Friday June 1st
The Successful Failures
The Khyber
2nd Street
DICK DALE, The Vandelles, Debora Dynamite & the Torpedos @ Asbury Lanes

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