July 9th, 2007

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Message From Lazlo

Hi Everyone,

Sunday July 15th looms upon us. That is the day that the new internet radio royalty rates begin. Please continue to go to, to see how you can help keep internet radio alive.

I've noticed a sharp drop in listenership to over the course of the last month. Of course this makes me wonder if I should just admit defeat and shut down the webcast now. The webcast costs me a decent amount of money each month, and since I don't make money from this, it is always a loss for me. But that never mattered to me because I always felt I was making a difference and entertaining people with a format that was unlike any other.

Yes, Live365 (the host for's webcast), has added more commercials to the webcast in order to offset their expected increase in costs (due to the roylaty rate increase). But if you believe in and what I am trying to do, then let me know by listening more to the webcast, and or e-mailing me what would entice you to listen to the webcast more.

For over 6 and a half years has tried to make a difference within the local music scene of New Jersey. I have no plans to stop doing that. But, with the drop in listenership and the pending royalty rate increase, I may need to find new ways to get the music out there to you.

If you want me to continue the webcast part of, let me know.

If you have ideas on how I can continue to get the music out there in the aftermath of the royalty rate decision, let me know.

If you want to continue to be, "where NJ rock lives", let me know!

Because I want to keep bringing you the best local music I can with this site.


It may be the last week for Lazlo's Den (go to for more info, and to help), but I don't plan to go out quietly.

Tonight (Monday) I have a brand new Pissed Off! segment, where I plan to rant about my problems with the Live Earth concerts.

Tuesday on Lazlo's Den, I'll have Colin Hay on the show. The former frontman of Men At Work recently released his 8th solo album, "are you lookin' at me?", and will be doing several shows in the area in the coming weeks.

Wednesday I'll have an old friend on the show in Neil Sabatino, the lead singer of NJ band Fairmont. Their new CD, "wait & hope" is in stores tomorrow.

Thanks for supporting internet radio!
Tuesday on Lazlo's Den

Colin Hay

Wednesday on Lazlo's Den



Album of the Month
The Chilling Details - "innerdialogue"

The Chilling Details push the boundaries of rock-based music. Armed with an arsenal of influences the trio takes the stage not just willing to entertain you but to challenge you to exist outside the box of your everyday life.

With just three members, some say The Chilling Details live performances emulate Spector’s legendary “wall of sound”. Decibel, amplitude, and dynamics can be wielded like crude weapons or controlled like a skilled craftsman’s tools in the hands of the group which consists of charismatic front man Frank Bressi (vocals, guitars) and the booming rhythm section of Chris Smith (bass,vocals) and James Griffith (drums,vocals).

In the recording studio The Chilling Details communicate the fire of their live shows with an added clarity that is sure to set them apart from their peers. Taking the collection of songs penned by Bressi to great heights of texture and depth without losing the energy that have made their live shows shine for the crowds who have been steadily growing in number like summertime sun worshipers drawn the beaches of the same Jersey Shore that The Chilling Details call home.

New Songs Added This Week

The Chilling Details innerdialogue
Delft the brain is wider than the sky
Impulsive Decision Impulsive Decision


June 2007(Oradell, NJ) – The rock band Kosmic Daydream was selected by Mind Trip Productions for a feature role in the upcoming music film project, “Mind Trip to Musicland’s: In the Face of Destiny”.

The film is a ‘musicfiction’, the story centers around the subject of music and like science fiction, good against evil; a music science fiction fantasy. This film is the sequel to Mind Trip's current project on DVD called "Mind Trip to Musicland’s: Power Over Your Destiny”.

Mind Trip has cast actress/model Angel Monroe in a lead role. For the bands that are a part of this feature film, it would be like shooting a music video.

Kosmic Daydream, dubbed the originator of the neo-psychedelic genre, is comprised of Jeniffer De Los Santos (Kosmic Goddess), Jimmi Dylan (guitar), Adam Hirschman (bass), and Jose Cruz (drums). The group performs extensively in the NYC-metro area, and is currently recording an album.

Sol Music Management, which represents bands/artists like 'Anvil', 'Diamond David Lee Roth', 'Dokken', 'Paul Di'Anno', and 'Twisted Sister', is also involved in the project.


the latest anderson council news...


we hope all is well with you and yours. we have some news for you. here goes....

1. our song "strawberry smell" is in the film "i'm reed fish", which is being released in select cities on june 1st. it will be playing at quad cinema in nyc.

please go see it.

2. here's a groovy clip from youtube of the song...

3. the anderson council, along with a bunch of the ny/nj bands that also have songs in the film, will be playing a pre-release party at the rodeo bar in nyc on may 31st. for more info...

4. we regret to inform you that mr. jimmy charles has left the band. suffice it to say that we will miss him and his incredible talent. we will eventually be holding auditions to find a suitable replacement. if you or someone you know would be interested in auditioning, please respond to this email address.

as always, thanks for listening! we hope to see you soon.


Concert Picks of the Week

Lazlo (

This Friday Maxwell's celebrates the release of Tommy Strazza's new CD, "welcome to the rest of your life", with a performance by Tommy, as well as Meet Me In Montauk (whose lead signer produced Tommy's CD), Anthony Fiumano, and Newbru.
Jim Testa (Jersey Beat)

Upcoming Concerts

Concert Picks of the Week

Gary Wien (Upstage)

This week's pick is the Black Potatoe Independent Music Festival which takes place Thursday through Sunday. The festival features over 35 acts on 2 stages. Each day has great artists, but Saturday appears to be best if you want to see bands and Sunday seems best for singer songwriters. The Black Potatoe Festival takes place in the Red Mill Museum Village in Clinton, NJ. For more information visit
Jared Migden (WRSU)

I hate having to leave shows early, and this past Friday I had to give up seeing Beautiful Bear play in a New Brunswick basement to go do radio. Luckily for me, they will be playing Maxwells this Thursday night. Their CD, "A List of Names," reminds me of everything I used to and still love about Plug Spark Sanjay and the Rosario Focus (2/3 of Beautiful Bear were in both bands) . No Pasaran! will also be playing the show on Thursday.

Concert Calendar

Monday July 9th
Little Richard @ B.B. King's Club

Tuesday July 10th
April Smith
158 Ludlow at Stanton

Wednesday July 11th
The Heshers
222 Wanaque Ave
Pompton Lakes

Asbury Lanes
209 Fourth Ave
Asbury Park
Plastiq Passion
Cake Shop
152 Ludlow

Thursday July 12th

The Ergs
Brighton Bar
121 Brighton Ave
Long Branch
Scott E. Moore
The Goldhawk
936 Park Ave (at 10th st.)
Gin Blossoms @ B.B. King's Club
The Radiators @ NYC Rockin' The River Cruises
Jimmy & the Teasers, Billy Joe Winghead @ Asbury Lanes
Joe Whyte, Slaid Cleaves @ Mexicali Blues Cafe

Friday July 13th
Anthony Fiumano

Meet Me In Montauk

Tommy Strazza

The Newbru
1039 Washington St
Kosmic Daydream

Long Gone Day
Clash Bar
39 Harding Ave
Divine Sign

Janey Todd

Joe Harvard Band
The Saint
601 Main St
Asbury Park
Michelle Shocked @ The Rubin Museum of Art
Bill Kirchen @ The Wonder Bar
Steel Toe Solution, Tried & True, Spoiler NYC, Run Like Hell, Band of Felons @ Asbury Lanes

Saturday July 14th
Tierney's Tavern
136-138 Valley Road
Kimon & The Prophets
Wonder Bar
5th & Ocean Ave
Asbury Park
Lara Ewen @ Hudson Waterfront Museum & Showboat Barge
Bob Schneider @ World Cafe Live
Colin Hay @ Carl Pfefier Performing Arts Center
Underdog, Joe Coffee, The Bad Apples @ Asbury Lanes

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