Newsletter 1-28-08

Welcome to the new newsletter!

I realized it was time to go low-tech with the newsletter, and just type everything straight into the e-mail you receive every week (as opposed to having to go to the website to read the HTML newsletter).

So there will be no more flashy colors or .jpegs, but you'll get the message from me (Lazlo), and any other pertinent info.

The concert calendar and local music news are both readily available at, and will no longer appear in this newsletter (however, I will mention new headlines that you can get the stories for at the site).

So on to the update...

A slew of new music has been added to's webcast, including songs from Mazeffect, Blank Pages, Arlan Feiles, 5 Track Mind, Bill Owens Five, Chris Collins, Kimon, Zigman Bird, and Josh Sallo.

Yes, I was behind on uploading new music. Sorry for the delay.

I posted a new review on My first movie review of the film Cloverfield. I have wanted to do movie reviews for awhile now, and seeing that film finally made write one (in hopes no one else wastes money to see this film). Let me know what you think, as hopefully I'll have more movie reviews up soon.

And don't forget that at you can download for FREE a compilation CD of songs from some of my favorite albums of 2007. This free download will only be available until February 29th, so download it now.

Lazlo's Den (which airs weeknights at 8pm on will feature an interview with Fiskum on Wednesday night. You can also check out to stream recent interviews with Zigman Bird, Kosmic Daydream, Blank Pages, Tommy Strazza, Queensryche, The Crayons, and more.

That's all for this week folks.