Newsletter 3-03-08

Hey Everyone,

Despite his TV ad, Michael Bay is not awesome, and therefore anything he says is awesome is probably not. His films may make money, but I have yet to see one of his films that was actually good (or "awesome").

However, at least I believe he may actually have tried out the product he claims is "awesome" before saying so, and that's more than I can say for a Maxim magazine. In their latest issue they give the new Black Crowes album 2.5 stars...the only problem is, they never actually heard the album. Gee, I never realized I'm wasting my time listening to the albums before I write a review. It would be so much easier to just make a judgment based on the band's name or cover art. Heck I should give you all a review right now of the long delayed Guns N Roses "Chinese Democracy" album...but then I'd be as bad as the people at Maxim. Then again, I didn't think anyone read Maxim for the reviews.

Speaking of reviews, a new DVD review of the movie "The King Of Kong - Fistful Of Quarters" is now up on & (and I promise I watched the entire film before writing the review).

But, you should also go to one (or both) of the sites to get the March / April 2008 New Music Sampler that is now available for free download.

Featuring 12 songs (5 by NJ bands heard regularly on, and 7 from bands heard on Lazlo's Den), the March / April 2008 New Music Sampler showcases everything from singer-songwriter Brian Vander Ark and acoustic blues from Chris Collins, to punk rock from Mazeffect and experimental pop of I/O\I.

The first sampler CD I did (Lazlo's Top 25 of 2007 sampler), was such a huge success, downloaded thousands of times, and exposing people to music they might otherwise not be aware of. Since my goal with both & Lazlo's Den is to expose people to good music, it seemed like a no-brainer to continue doing the new music sampler CDs.

All 12 artists on the CD have allowed the use of their music on this CD for promotional purposes.

1. Bushwhack - the greatest wall
2. Mazeffect - pictures of your room
3. The Majestic Twelve - cry
4. I/O/I - grocery store checkout = cultural toxic waste dump
5. Chris Collins - be careful when you're lonely
6. Vicky Emerson - the hey hey song
7. Billie Burke Estate - 99 liberty lane
8. Blank Pages - last goodbye
9. Fiskum - heaven in your baby's arms
10. Brian Vander Ark - lily white way
11. Nerve Tonic - the fury and the sun
12. Slappy - crestline

As I always say, if you like what you hear on the CD, please go to the artists' websites and purchase their CD and go see them live if they are playing near you.

The March / April 2008 New Music Sampler CD will be available for free download from and through April 30th.

In other news:

New music on this week from Echofission, and The Groucho Marxists.

The next Free Concert at Buddie's Tavern will be on Saturday March 22nd. This very special show will be 4 sets by 4 great solo acoustic artists. The show will start at 9pm sharp with a set from Chris Collins (the drummer from Mod Fun, only on this night he will be showcasing his original blues music), and followed by sets from Joshua Van Ness (formerly of Souls' Release, and Van Ness), J Stanley (formerly of Outcry, Gypsy Cab Drivers), and the pop punk rock of Kate Hart. I'm really excited about this line-up and I hope all of you are too.

And now it's time for this weeks concert picks:

Lazlo (
Thursday night at the Court Tavern the keyboard based pop-rock of Spiraling will join forces with the post-punk guitar rock of Hero Pattern for a great night of live music.

Jim Testa (Jersey Beat)
Thursday, March 6

THE ERGS! For Science, Measure SA, Dead Tired - House show, New Brunswick - 6 pm, donation for bands, all ages

The best show of the week is in a small tin shed in the backyard of a house in New Brunswick. Pop punkers the Ergs, For Science, and The Measure (SA) combine forces to celebrate the re-release of the Ergs' breakthrough Dorkrockcorkrod album on vinyl. Email me for the address if you're interest at

That's all for this week folks.