Newsletter 10-13-08

Hey Everyone,

Thanks everyone who came out to Buddie's Tavern on Saturday to Banding Together: A Benefit For The Spondylitis Association Of America. While the bar wasn't filled to capacity as I would have liked, there was a good turnout and we raised several hundred dollars to help in the fight for a cure for spondylitis.

And a big special thanks go out to the 4 acts that put on incredible sets, Frank Bressi (from The chilling Details), Logs In The Mainstream, The Comrades, and The Tea & Whiskey. They contributed immensely to the success of the benefit concert.

Now this weekend is the chance for everyone who didn't make it out to donate while tuning in and hear those 4 acts, as well as over 50 others, as part of Banding Together: A Benefit Webathon For The Spondylitis Association Of America.

For 48 hours beginning Friday at 7pm,,, and, will be broadcasting live performances from some amazing bands! This weekend the concert comes to your home, no expensive cover charge, no expensive drink prices, no uncomfortable venue...this weekend from the comfort of your own home you will be able to hear over 50 great bands and solo artists play live, and all we ask in return is that you help in the fight for a cure for spondylitis by donating money thru the Spondylitis Association Of America's secure website. AND, every donation of $10 or more gets you a free CD.

I know the economy is bad, and money is tight for all of us, but if you listen to all 48 hours and hear 50 plus acts, a $10 donation is paying less than twenty cents an act, and you get a free CD to!

Look at this schedule, and you'll see it's well worth a $10 or more donation:

Friday October 17th

6:00PM - Pre-Show

7:00PM - Joshua Van Ness

7:30PM - Joe Canzano

8:00PM - Jon Dacks

8:30PM - J Stanley

9:00PM - Alex Brumel

9:30PM - The Subterraneans (Rik Mercaldi)

10:00PM - Randy Morning Band

10:30PM - Wayne Hussey (The Mission UK), Miles Hunt & Erica Nockalls (The Wonder Stuff)

12:45AM - The Break Evens

1:20AM - The Tea & Whisky

2:00AM to 9:30AM - replays

Saturday October 18th

9:30AM - The Successful Failures

10:00AM - Evergreen File

10:30AM - Billie Burke Estate

11:15AM - Tris McCall

12:00PM - The Winter Sounds

12:30PM - Ben Godwin

1:00PM - The Heshers

1:30PM - Geb & John from Echofission

2:00PM - Agency

2:30PM - Grover Kent

3:00PM - Zigman Bird

3:30PM - Colie Brice

4:00PM - Finding Fiction

4:30PM - Downshallow

5:00PM - Jim Testa

5:30PM - Deena Shoshkes

6:00PM - John Taglieri

6:30PM - Spiraling

7:00PM - Kate Hart

7:30PM - The Tea & Whisky

8:00PM - Souls Release

8:30pm - John Raido

9:00PM - The Crayons

9:30PM - Jeannie O’Neill & Thomas Martin

10:00PM - Kosmic Daydream

10:30PM - Brian Vander Ark

11:40PM - Paul Sanchez

12:30AM - Frank Bressi from The Chilling Details

1:10AM - Logs In The Mainstream

1:50AM - the Comrades

2:30AM to 9:30AM - replays

Sunday October 19th

9:30AM - Dead Pony Cats

10:00AM - Whiskey Flask Revenge

10:30AM - Private Iron

11:15AM - Crewman Number Six

12:00PM - Paul Zunno

12:30PM - Felecia and the Dinosaur

1:15PM - The Cucumbers

2:00PM - Jonathan Andrew

2:30PM - Alter Ego

3:00PM - Copesetic

3:30PM - Synthetic Sympathies

4:00PM - New Day Dawn

4:30PM - Jon Caspi

5:00PM - The Future Kings Of Nowhere

5:30PM - Six To Eight Mathematics

6:00PM - Matt Colligan

6:30PM - Dipsomaniacs

More information and a link to the Spondylitis Association Of America’s secure donation site is at:

Please tune in, and please donate to help to find a cure for spondylitis. My wife and over a million other sufferers thank you, as do I.


And now it's time for this week's Pissed Off!

Pissed Off! will return after Banding Together.


That's all for this week folks.