Newsletter 11-03-08

Hey Everyone,

Thanks to everyone who sent kind words about my father in law who passed away on October 24th.

He will always be in my thoughts, but I am starting to get back into the swing of running & Lazloís Den. So if youíve been waiting for me to reply to your e-mail, you should get a reply in the course of the next few days.


Tomorrow, November 4th, is a very important day. No, itís not because the new Futurama movie comes out on DVD, or because season 1 of Reaper comes out on DVD, although both are cool in my book.

More importantly by far is election day.

We are all lucky to live in a democratic country where we have the right to vote. Sadly though, less than 50% of eligible voters usually vote.

This year we are at a turning point. Every vote will help decide the direction our country takes.

For the first time in the history of & Lazloís Den I have been very vocal about my support of Barack Obama, and have been making the case why he is the right candidate.

Today I will just say I hope you all go out and vote tomorrow. Even if that vote isnít for change.

In honor of Election Day, Lazloís Den will be live at 8pm ET on Tuesday, playing politically minded music, and giving you full election coverage as the results come in.

So go out and vote, and then tune into Lazloís Den.


Next week, the big news about BlowUpRadio.comís 8th Anniversary Bash at Buddieís Tavern on Saturday November 22nd!


And now it's time for this week's Pissed Off!

Go Out and Barack the Vote!


That's all for this week folks.