Newsletter 12-29-08


The countdown of Lazlo’s Top 50 Albums of 2008 continues on Lazlo’s Den at 8pm ET

12/29: albums 30-21
12/30: albums 20-11
12/31: albums 10-1


Beginning January 1st on Lazlo’s Den, Lazlo will start playing a song from every album in his vast library.


The first & Lazlo’s Den Free Concert of 2009 will take place on Saturday January 31st at Buddie’s Tavern (277 Johnsons Ln, Parlin (Sayreville), NJ), and feature sets from The Tea & Whiskey, Finding Fiction, and Joshua Van Ness.


Hey Everyone,

As 2008 comes to a close don’t forget to tune into Lazlo’s Den to hear my (Lazlo) top 450 albums of the year.

Here’s what you’ve missed so far if you didn’t tune in:

12/25: albums 50-41

50. Dragonette - galore
49. BoDeans - still
48. Portishead - third
47. The Orb - the dream
46. The Break and Repair Method - milk the bee.
45. T Bone Burnett - tooth of crime
44. Brett Harris - yesterday's news
43. Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Sunday at devil dirt
42. Golden Animals - free your mind and win a pony
41. Beloved Binge - blender theory

12/26: albums 40-31

40. Mike Pek - 78
39. Valient Thorr - immortalizer
38. Val Emmich - little daggers
37. Sky Cries Mary - small town
36. The Silent Years - the globe
35. Deena - somewhere in blue
34. Logs In The Mainstream - the ridiculous and the sublime
33. The Verve - forth
32. Melissa Ferrick - goodbye youth
31. Lifeguard Nights - punch sky

The countdown continues tonight at 8pm ET as I countdown number 30-21.

And the rest of the countdown:
12/30: albums 20-11
12/31: albums 10-1

Here is the alphabetical list

Anthony Fiumano - when strangers say hello
Beloved Binge - blender theory
BoDeans - still
The Break and Repair Method - milk the bee.
Brett Harris - yesterday's news
Brian Vander Ark - Brian Vander Ark
Counting Crows - Saturday nights and Sunday mornings
Darren Deicide - the Jersey devil is here
Deena - somewhere in blue
double-breasted - who will love you?
Dragonette - galore
Echofission - the straights
Fairmont - transcendence
Finding Fiction - plastic & change
Golden Animals - free your mind and win a pony
Gregg Yeti & The Best Lights - heart palpitations of the rich & famous
The Heshers - ep2008
The Hush Now - The Hush Now
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Sunday at devil dirt
Jim Boggia - misadventures in stereo
Joshua Van Ness - DNA
KaiserCartel - march forth
Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson - rattlin' bones
Katy Mae - you may already be a winner
Lifeguard Nights - punch sky
Logs In The Mainstream - the ridiculous and the sublime
Mazeffect - horseshoes & hand grenades
Melissa Ferrick - goodbye youth
Mike Pek - 78
Nerve Tonic - Nerve Tonic face the galactic undead
The Orb - the dream
Patti Rothberg - double standards
Paul Sanchez - exit to mystery street
The Polyjesters - kitchen radio
Portishead - third
Readymade Breakup - alive on the vine
R.E.M. - accelerate
Second Dan - bringing down Goliath
The Silent Years - the globe
Sky Cries Mary - small town
Spiraling - time travel made easy
Switches - lay down the law
T Bone Burnett - tooth of crime
Tally Hall - marvin's marvelous mechanical museum
Val Emmich - little daggers
Valient Thorr - immortalizer
various artists - blue skies daisy days (Planting Seeds Records / Keep A Breast Foundation CD)
The Verve - forth
Winter Sounds - pinebox ep
Zigman Bird - balls marie


And then January 1st on Lazlo’s Den I am going to begin a new project, “the Library Project” (yeah, the name needs work, and will likely change).

I am tired of radio stations flaunting the fact that they have thousands of songs in their library. I have thousands of CDs in my library and it’s time to put these radio stations in their place.

Each night on Lazlo’s Den I will play at least one album from the library in order until I get through the entire library (which, unless I play a lot of songs from the library in a row each night, will take years to get through).

I’ll be the first to admit that not everything in my CD library is good…when I worked in commercial radio I got lots of crap like Creed, and even today not every CD I get is good (thankfully, about 85-90% are good), so some albums may just got a few seconds of a song played (a few seconds of Creed is enough to annoy for a lifetime…yes, I hate Creed).

Also it should be noted this will not be a typical A-Z run through the library. My CD library is arranged NJ bands A-Z in cases, then all other CDs in cases A-Z, followed by books of CDs not in cases, and then CDs I regularly play on & Lazlo’s Den that are in other racks.

I know this is a crazy project and possibly stupid, but damn it I have more music here than the average radio station, and unlike radio stations when I flaunt my library, it’s because there is a library worth flaunting.

Just wait until I finish going through the CD collection, maybe I’ll do my vinyl library next…


The review sections on & has been renamed Lazlo’s Blog, and will be updated ore regularly (I hope) with random blog entries. You can check out the first blog, “Jon Bon Jovi Needs Fans Money?” now.


Concert Picks of the Week


Lazlo (

Worried that the fun will end after New Year's Eve? Well fear not, as Asbury Lanes has ensured some rocking fun on Friday January 2nd with the entertaining punk sounds of The Groucho Marxists, and Stuyvesant. What more could you ask for? Ok, ok, they're throwing in a set by Varsity Drag (featuring Ben Deily, of Lemonheads fame) too.


Jim Testa (Jersey Beat)

Friday, January 2
DON GIOVANNI PRESENTS: Shellshag, Full of Fancy, The Dopamines, Deep Sleep, Rubber Molding, Jim Testa - Maxwells, 1039 Washington St. Hoboken - 8:30 pm, $8, 18+

Don Giovanni Records' monthly showcase at Maxwells features the pop/punk Dopamines on tour from Ohio and local girl-pop favorites Full of Fancy. And I get to open the show with a few songs.


Gary Wien (Asbury Music)

My pick for the week takes place on Sunday, January 4th when Joe Harvard (Boston and Jersey Shore legend) celebrates his 50th birthday with a party at Asbury Lanes. Artists scheduled to perform include Jo Wymer, Geena, Keith Monacchio, and Glen Burtnick 'n Bob Burger, The Sex Zombies will be there, and Binky [Lord Sterling] and Mike Noordzy. And, of course, Joe himself will be part of two sets - one of his tunes and one featuring covers of Velvet Underground and other fine protopunk-glam tunes [Iggy, Bowie, T-Rex et al].


Jared Migden (WRSU)

This coming Wednesday, I'm going to be skipping the watching of the ball dropping on a too-small TV in a too-crowded room, the champagne toast, and the making resolutions on the spot that I'll likely forget by the 2nd. Instead, I'm going to be ringing in the new year at the Brighton Bar in Long Branch with the Sex Zombies, the Invincible Gods, the Urban Shocker, Xylophone of Wrench, and Slumlord 9000.


Now it’s time for this week’s Pissed Off!

I get it, Scarlett Johansson is attractive and popular.

I get that, I’m a heterosexual male and I’m not blind.

She's a good actress too.

But, why would anyone in their right mind buy a mucus filled tissue she used on the Tonight Show????,0,2743584.story

Five Thousand Three Hundred Dollars?!?! Are you kidding me?!?!?

I’m glad the money went to charity and all, but $5,300 for a tissue???

I think what scares me most is that my mind spent a while trying to figure out who would buy such a thing and only 2 types of people came to mind:

1. Crazy, obsessed fan who will probably carry around the tissue in a plastic bag wherever he goes so he can always have her with him.

Or even creepier

2. An even more crazy, obsessed fan who wants to use the DNA in her mucus to clone her and make the clone his sex slave wife.

Ok, I have a warped mind. But why would anyone want a used tissue?

On the other hand, a few weeks ago I had a sinus infection and went through a lot of tissues. I don’t think I have emptied out all the garbage cans yet, so any interested parties can contact me and we can start the bidding at $530 (a bargain by comparison).



That's all for this week folks.