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Mike Herz - "Another Summer"

As winter begins to take its mighty grip, the music coming from my stereo, blankets the room with a warm inviting voice. The song,"Another Summer" by Northwest New Jersey singer/songwriter Mike Herz. "Another Summer" is the lead off track and clearly sets the tone for what's to come on his new full length sophomore release, "The Acrobat". It's a two year journey with 11 tracks of heart, soul and change. Mike's writing style has the ability to show us his experiences through his eyes and heart. It's an emotional dance between melody and prose. The textured accompaniment of cello (Loni Bach) and subtle supporting vocals (Emily Barnes), waltzes the singer around the room for one last spin.

"Another Summer" is a song that I felt like I had to write. It happened pretty fast. I was going through a shift in my life and working a lot of it out through songs. The chorus is kind of ironic. I would call one of my oldest friends and talk about life, sort of seeking advice. After pouring my heart out and going into all this detail he would often say, "You gotta do what you gotta do." I used to think it was the biggest cop out of advice ever, but in hindsight perhaps the most accurate. Either way, it's in the chorus of this song forever now."-Mike Herz