For the safety of everyone, it is crucial that we all stay home during this pandemic. Sadly, that has put a stop to live music, which for many musicians is a source of income. Thankfully, we have the Internet to turn to as a source of bringing the idea of live music into people's homes virtually. This virtual festival is intended to help musicians have the ability to perform and promote their music and merchandise, while keeping everyone safe and entertained during this crisis.
If You like what you hear please purchase their music from their website.
- Lazlo

Friday April 3rd
12:00pm - Laree Cisco
12:40pm - Matt Colligan
1:20pm - Kay Roman
2:00pm - Joe Billy
2:40pm - Mike Ferraro
3:20pm - Shotgun Bill
4:00pm - Alex Julia
4:40pm - The Jaguar Mother
5:20pm - Diego Allessandro
6:00pm - Motherface
6:40pm - Katye Kellye and The Interruption
7:20pm - Charlotte Morris

Saturday April 4th
12:00pm - Jonthan Andrew
12:40pm - Joshua Van Ness
1:20pm - Dave Vargo
2:00pm - Sheli Monacchio
2:40pm - Ziggy Grover
3:20pm - By Torchlight
4:00pm - Delsea Drive
4:40pm - Don Lee
5:20pm - Pete Jager
6:00pm - Pat Veil
6:40pm - Mike Sternberg
7:20pm - Jon & Deena (from The Cucumbers)
8:00pm - The Clydes

Sunday April 5th
12:00pm - The Mighty Alrighty
12:40pm - Keith Peters
1:20pm - Sonofdov
2:00pm - Amanda Rose Riley
2:40pm - Happy Joe Canzano
3:20pm - Joe Mifsud
4:00pm - Phoneboy
4:40pm - Anthony Walker
5:20pm - Tony Tedesco
6:00pm - Hal Guitarist
6:40pm - Josh Bicknell
7:20pm - Brenyama

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