Broadcast live on our station 4/9/24 @ 6pm

Commons 2 - "Real Life" from "Real Life [single]"
Monda - "Football Museum (demo)" from "Mondemos Vol. I"
Weftin - "you" from "you [single]"
furiousBall - "Aren't We All Accidents (Fixt Remix)" from "Fixt"
Kasolojo - "Not The Same" from "Not The Same [single]"
Ziggy Grover - "Thank You, Five" from "Love & Pop: Some Names Were Changed To Protect The Innocent"
ManDancing - "Lawless Son" from "Dori Chantel and Other Songs"
Aaron Pinto - "Oh, Come On" from "Aaron Pinto"
Dignitary - "The Smiling Friends" from "Underneath the Throggs Neck"
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