Broadcast live on our station 4/9/24 @ 7pm

Andy's Mints - "Rocket to the Moon" from "Painting a Song: Season 4, Volume 2"
BIG SPECIAL - "Black Dog / White Horse" from "Black Dog / White Horse [single]"
MILLY - "Drip From The Fountain" from "Your Own Becoming"
Harpers - "Asleep at the Wheel" from "What Do We Do Now?"
The Black Keys - "On The Game" from "Ohio Players"
Bird Streets - "Go Free" from "Go Free [single]"
Cock Sparrer - "I Belong To You" from "Hand On Heart"
Alkaline Trio - "Scars" from "Blood, Hair, And Eyeballs"
Aubrey Straw - "Imperfect Spheres" from "There's a Revolution in Sight v5"
Seasonal Falls - "Lie Down" from "Happy Days"
Swim Surreal & Zero 7 - "The Crowd" from "The Crowd [single]"
Finnoguns Wake - "Strawberry Avalanche" from "Stay Young EP"
Peach And Lee - "Not For Sale" from "Not For Sale 1965-1975"
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