Broadcast live on our station 4/15/24 @ 7pm ET

Katye Kellye and The Interruption - "Love Bomb" from "Love Bomb [single]"
Indeyevid - "Iced Tear" from "Iced Tear [single]"
The Dracu-Las - "It" from "Fall Asleep When I'm Dead"
SONOFDOV - "Natural Disaster" from "Natural Disaster [single]"
Loose Panic - "January Child" from "January Child [single]"
Brother Andrew - "32 Degrees" from "Fun and Games"
Marc Del Giudice - "Daylight Hours" from "Daylight Hours [single]"
Surfing For Daisy - "Acrobat" from "Acrobat [single]"
Papermaker - "Disappointed Judge" from "Disappointed Judge [single]"
Audi Meae - "Between The Lines" from "Between The Lines [single]"
Samuel Vincent - "Robotablets (feat. Nim Rodel, Planetary, Govvara)" from "Robotablets [single]"
Dignitary - "130 Cruiser" from "Underneath the Throggs Neck"
Lo-Fi MILF - "The Woods" from "Lo-Fi MILF Early Works"
furiousBall - "Sisu" from "Fixt"
Ron Santee - "Thick Of The Flood" from "Thick Of The Flood"
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