Broadcast live on our station 4/16/24 @ 7pm ET

Faulty Cognitions - "Let The Kids Have the Scene" from "Somehow, Here We Are"
Holy Wire - "Lost" from "The Ending Of An Age"
Schedule 1 - "Crucible" from "Crucible"
Violet Whimsey - "Can't Remember" from "Can't Remember [single]"
GUPPY - "American Cowboy" from "Something Is Happening..."
Wills and The Willing - "Scuffed Knees" from "Scuffed Knees"
Coolparadiso - "Just the Way it Goes" from "Just the Way it Goes"
The Lemon Twigs - "How Can I Love Her More?" from "A Dream Is All We Know"
Paul Collins - "In Another World" from "Stand Back and Take a Good Look"
Palace - "When Everything Was Lost" from "Ultrasound"
Your Academy - "Bluff City" from "#2 Record"
Kairos Creature Club - "Deleuzean" from "Deleuzean"
The Greeting Committee - "Where'd All My Friends Go? (feat. Flipturn)" from "Where'd All My Friends Go? [single]"
Make Sure - "I'm Right Here" from "June"
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