Broadcast live on our station 4/22/24 @ 7pm ET

Jacob Chacko - "Feel Alive" from "Feel Alive [single]"
Ruby Bones - "Vultures" from "Vultures [single]"
Southpaw - "Adam" from "Drugstore Cowboy"
Bobby Mahoney - "Empty Passenger Seats" from "Another Deadbeat Summer"
KPC - "Fuck You" from "The Misery Of Love"
Jason Didner - "Zeroes and Ones" from "Digital Carnival"
swamp_child - "Slowly Coming to Terms with My Inability to Become Better, Part One: Bit Loss" from "The Art of Escaping"
Pat XY - "Blood (Take 1)" from "Blood (Take 1) [single]"
Commonplace - "Waiting" from "Stuck in Your Head"
Connie Barton & Amerijam Band - "Sin" from "Sin [single]"
Albatross Monument - "It Drags" from "She Couldn't Care Less"
Monda - "Put Yr Shoes On (demo)" from "Mondemos Vol. II"
9fm - "Matriarchs" from "Matriarchs [single]"
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