Broadcast live on our station 4/29/24 @ 7pm ET

Cut The Kids in Half - "A Good Man Died" from "A Good Man Died [single]"
The Dracu-Las - "Fall Asleep When I'm Dead" from "Fall Asleep When I'm Dead"
Sean Faust - "Road Work Ahead" from "Road Work Ahead [single]"
LIVIA - "The Night" from "The Night [single]"
Starikova - "Guzik" from "Guzik [single]"
Bad Blooms - "Goodbye" from "Goodbye"
Bosco & Peck - "Sick of Losing" from "Sick of Losing [single]"
Ziggy Grover - "Gone In 100 Acres" from "Gone In 100 Acres [single]"
Rachel Ana Dobken - "Tomorrow's Another Day" from "Acceptance"
Jeremy Abrams - "The Weight" from "Everything I Wanted"
Aaron Pinto - "French Total" from "Aaron Pinto"
Lxnnnie - "Karma Scar" from "Ill Fate"
Chris Tiedemann - "Too Young to Live/Too Old to Care" from "Chemical Grudge"
Papermaker - "Turtle Lake" from "Turtle Lake [single]"
John Cozz - "slice of life" from "well done"
W70 - "Unicorn Horn" from "Letter Bombs"
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