Broadcast live on our station 4/30/24 @ 7pm ET

Schedule 1 - "Your Way" from "Crucible"
David Woodard - "I Can't Make the World a Better Place" from "Get It Good"
The Real Numbers - "Sorry for the Mess" from "Thank You"
Orbis Max - "Fields" from "Fields [single]"
E.R.I.E. - "Can't Stop Runnin' (feat. Lauren Foster)" from "Suburban Tranquility [EP]"
Shay Martin Lovette - "True As They Come" from "True As They Come EP"
Eric Slick - "Freakin' Out" from "New Age Rage"
Billy Idol - "Best Way Out Of Here" from "Rebel Yell 40th Anniversary Expanded Edition"
Athensville - "Bury The Lede" from "Bury The Lede [single]"
Erin Ash Sullivan - "One Time I Stole a Book" from "Signposts and Marks"
Make Sure - "Comedown" from "June"
David Gilmour - "The Piper's Call" from "Luck and Strange"
Aubrey Straw - "Swarfega" from "There's a Revolution in Sight v5"
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