Broadcast live on our station 5/27/24 @ 7pm ET

Greg McGarvey - "The Scenic Route" from "Crickets Surround"
Below The Mezzanine - "Cousin Oliver Syndrome" from "Cousin Oliver Syndrome [single]"
Papermaker - "Pervert Drones" from "Pervert Drones [single]"
Sad About Girls - "Expect to Lose" from "Sad to Go"
see plus - "Glow" from "Glow [single]"
Neon Rayon - "IM:SB" from "Arrival [EP]"
Batstow - "Where Do We Go" from "Only You"
TYLER BARI - "Dazed" from "SWELL"
Katye Kellye and The Interruption - "Tell Me" from "Tell Me [single]"
Mick Chorba - "Flophouse Rag #2 (7 Nation Army Encore) [demo]" from "Flophouse Rag #2 (7 Nation Army Encore) [demo] [single]"
Drifter-Outer - "Stars" from "Space Trilogy (demos)"
Surfing For Daisy - "i like drinking" from "i like drinking [single]"
Silver06 - "Everything You've Ever Wanted" from "Everything You've Ever Wanted [single]"
JD Burner - "Aliens" from "Something's off Here"
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