Broadcast live on our station 6/4/24 @ 7pm ET

The Lovely Eggs - "Meeting Friends at Night" from "Eggistentialism"
Shannon & The Clams - "When You're Missing" from "The Moon Is In The Wrong Place"
Motorists - "Phone Booth in the Desert of the Mind" from "Touched by the Stuff"
Chanelle Albert & the Easy Company - "Don't Leave Your Baby" from "22nd Century Beautiful People"
Marc Douglas Berardo - "Let Nothing Come Between You" from "The Beauty Of This Now"
Seasonal Falls - "Used to be fun" from "Happy Days"
Orbis Max - "Waiting All Night" from "Waiting All Night [single]"
The Second Summer - "Bad Felling" from "Undertow"
Rubblebucket - "Stella The Begonia" from "Stella The Begonia [single]"
Lowlives - "Liar" from "Freaking Out"
FELIN - "Don't Tell Me What To Do" from "Whatever"
Bad Nerves - "Alright" from "Still Nervous"
MRCY - "Days Like This" from "Volume 1"
Mind's Eye - "Can't Help Myself" from "Long Nights and Wasted Affairs"
Kingdom of Mustang - "The Best Thing" from "Glad Days"
Safari Gold - "Lemonade Baby" from "Lemonade Baby [single]"
Tiny Stills - "What's the Point of Anything" from "What's the Point of Anything [single]"
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