Broadcast live on our station 6/10/24 @ 7pm ET

Tri-State - "Depth Hoar" from "Depth Hoar [single]"
Glenn Brennan - "Still Don't Know" from "Emotional Robot"
Pat Veil - "Run Away" from "Blacklight"
Ferocious Designs - "Beyond Forever" from "Open Your Eyes EP"
The Hard Maybes - "Kiss Me Like A Stranger" from "Thank You, I Think?"
pheller - "Hit My Line" from "Hit My Line [single]"
Anthony Krizan - "It's All Coming Back To Me" from "Cool Shade of Blue"
Melissa Anthony - "try" from "try [single]"
Mike Montrey Band - "Stained Glass Window Panes" from "Love, Time & Mortality"
Cinema Star - "Mannequin" from "Mannequin [single]"
Fifth Columnists - "Supplicant" from "Fifth Columnists EP"
Johanna Stahley - "Here Now Evolve" from "Visionary Apothecary"
Mother Hubbard - "Have A Good Time" from "Live at the Bitter End"
Regency Club - "Kids" from "Moth Music"
Jazz 300 - "Win the Game (Live)" from "Cart Music Session"
Widely Grown - "Mississippi Anna" from "Mississippi Anna"
Ziggy Grover - "Streets" from "Streets [single]"
Skull Motion - "I'm Going Down In History (or in flames)" from "Demos!"
Greg McGarvey - "Put The Needle Down" from "Crickets Surround"
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