Broadcast live on our station 6/11/24 @ 7pm ET

Athensville - "Still Got Time" from "Still Got Time [single]"
Suck Brick Kid - "Beware Of Limbo Dancers" from "The End Is What I Want"
the Jesus Lizard - "Hide & Seek" from "Rack"
Young Legs - "Rare Earth Dream" from "Rare Earth Dream"
Raylee Forest - "Fly" from "My World [EP]"
Rose Hotel - "King and a Pawn" from "A Pawn Surrender"
Jesse Malin - "Prisoners of Paradise (feat. Bleachers)" from "Silver Patron Saints: The Songs of Jesse Malin"
Peter Freebairn - "You And I" from "Silhouettes & Cigarettes"
The New Weavers - "Wait Up, Sir" from "Wait Up, Sir [single]"
Bonny Doon - "Clock Keeps Ticking" from "Clock Kepps Ticking [single]"
Valley Lodge - "Trouble" from "Shadows In Paradise"
Cowboy Mouth - "Alternate Reality" from "Alternate Reality [single]"
Jordan Rakei - "Hopes and Dreams" from "The Loop"
LA LOM - "Danza de LA LOM" from "Danza de LA LOM [single]"
Common & Pete Rock - "Wise Up" from "Wise Up [single]"
Kossisko - "Sugababy" from "Slayerz Ball"
Shenanygans - "Count On Me" from "On Monte Verita"
Joseph Shipp - "Open Up (To Me)" from "Dig Deep"
Paul Weller - "Burn Out" from "66"
Wallows - "Only Ecstasy" from "Model"
Sonic Universe - "Turn A Blind Eye" from "It Is What It Is"
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