Broadcast live on our station 6/24/24 @ 7pm ET

Green Knuckle Material - "Sleepin' on a Good Time" from "Sleepin' on a Good Time [single]"
Sad About Girls - "She's Not Here" from "She's Not Here"
Tide Bends - "Grasshopper" from "Say Yeah"
Mixolydian Dreamer - "Better Than Me" from "mending!"
Ferocious Designs - "Summer's Not My Thing" from "Open Your Eyes EP"
KLOUTMISFIT - "sweet surrender" from "2"
Melissa Anthony - "ollie" from "ollie [single]"
Jason Brown - "Where Will We Go?" from "Folk Songs n' Such"
BoundAlive - "One More Night" from "One More Night [single]"
Sloppy Chef - "You Suck, Cats Rule" from "Oldies (Deluxe Edition)"
The Mediocre Friends - "I Adore" from "So, this is it?"
Regency Club - "Nagoya" from "Moth Music"
Somebody Club - "Okay Now" from "The Epilogue of Unmade Plans"
Doug Jay - "Black Hole" from "Web"
Greg McGarvey - "(We Heard There Was Going To Be An) Exorcism" from "Crickets Surround"
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