Necessary Renovations by Indeyevid | INTERVIEW
Author: Thommy Delaney

Hey Amanda! Last time we interviewed you, you released your very first EP! Recently, you released a new EP called "Necessary Renovations." First off, congrats on this release! This EP relates to a lineup change of the band. Why did you decide to theme the EP after that?

Thank you Thommy! "Necessary Renovations" is the first ever EP released with the new Indeyevid lineup, and it resonates with me and the concept of the changing chapter for the band, hence, as I utilized the emotions I've felt through the transition to write new music for a new lineup, and a new beginning. The EP is a subject matter exerting a concept of moving forward, in such a way, that I, despite all odds that may appear in the journey, will passionately pursue a future for Indeyevid. For example, when remodeling a house, and there's a mistake made in the bathroom, do you tear down the whole house that you've built? NO! You just work on the spot where there was a mistake, and redo the bathroom. In my case, I may of hit a second of change with my lineup, but that didn't stop me from dropping the entire project, and giving up, hence where I came with the title for the EP "Necessary Renovations" and continue the project with more passionate, committed, and like-minded individuals. Thus, I thank you for the chance on the second interview to introduce the 2024 Indeyevid lineup, which is Amanda (myself) on vocals/guitar, Ignacio on guitar, Tristan on bass, and Jon on drums!

In our last interview, you said that you were into hard-core punk while the others came from anything from old school punk to indie punk. When forming the new lineup, were you looking for people that were into the kind of punk you're into or did it not matter as much as long as they were into punk in general?

I was extremely open-minded when it came to whoever and whatever the lineup was to become. As long as they were into punk in general, and understood the energy that is to come with performing, I was going to feel satisfied.

Upon your lineup change, you have also taken over the lead vocals for the band. How do you enjoy being the lead singer now?

The decision to dominate lead vocals was absolutely a game-changer! Not something I was expecting, but now that it's been since October of 2023, I wouldn't have it any other way. I still of course encourage the other members to contribute vocally, and provide opportunities at any time given, cause when multiple members of a band contribute on vocals, it's always massively appreciated by me.

Out of the songs, are there any that reflect off of the lineup change of the band?

The first EP released with the 2024 lineup "Necessary Renovations" has been absolutely inspired by the lineup change, the raw emotions were actively felt in-place while writing those songs in regards to the lineup change. I feel as musicians we are talented and gifted to utilize our emotions and let them fuel our creativity and writing process, as that is exactly what I did, which there is correlation for the lineup change and the EP "Necessary Renovations", but I hope listeners can still understand and interpret their own experiences, feelings, thoughts from Indeyevid's music to find it relatable for themselves.

What do you look forward to doing the most with your new band?

Writing, recording, and releasing more music, traveling (hopefully touring), and doing all that other fun stuff like photoshoots and music videos!!

You have a ton of shows coming up over the next few months. Which one are you most excited for and what can people expect to see at your shows in the future?

All of our booked shows are special and exciting in their own ways, however majority of them will be our first time playing at some of the venues, such as 4/26 at Jimmy's Lounge in Kearny, 5/5 at Silver Stream Studio in Montclair, and 5/24 at Flemington D.I.Y in Flemington! We hopefully will be keeping our set fresh and lively with new songs, and whatever else we conjure up before then.

What else do you guys have planned for 2024?

Shows upon shows along with writing, recording, and releasing new music! It never ends the hustle of pushing ourselves to grow, and hopefully it pays off eventually! But just your average band things for now, I do have an objective to have Indeyevid do some musical collaborations with other artists at some point, that's always been something on my radar, it's always cool to see local artists collaborating on songs.

Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?

Massive appreciation and thank you goes out to whoever may be reading this, and to those who support the local New Jersey music scene!! Indeyevid thanks you!

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Artist Bio:
Indeyevid is an all-original New Jersey based alternative punk band.

In October 2023, founder and front-woman Amanda F. collectively brought together current members Ignacio, Tristan, and Jon, and together the group has been actively writing, releasing original music, and gigging anywhere and everywhere they can manage. Indeyevid released their first single "Porcelain Teeth" on December 7th, 2023, and EP "Necessary Renovations" on January 10th, 2024.

Indeyevid continues to experiment with genres and styles while endlessly maintaining their energetic stage presence.

About the Author: Thommy Delaney is a Senior Music Business Major at New Jersey City University. He is also the lead guitarist and a vocalist in the Bayonne Indie pop-rock band BreakTime: a four-piece writing modern pop tunes with generous vintage allusions to artists such as The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. Looking for something new to listen to? Be sure to follow BreakTime @breaktimelivenj on social media and stream their music on all platforms.

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