Newsletter 6-30-09

Hey Everyone,

First off, for the last few weeks I have been experiencing some problems with my e-mail service,

E-mails, both incoming and outgoing, are not always getting to me or the intended receipients. So if you sent me and e-mail and have not heard back from me, please forward the e-mail to Please include the original e-mail, with the subject & date time sent, so that I can forward that info to in hopes of finally resolving this ongoing problem.

Needless to say, I do not recommend

Moving on...


This Friday (July 3rd) is very proud to present Jonathan Andrew's EP release party at the Goldhawk in Hoboken. This is going to be an amazing night, with Jonathan's former Souls' Release bandmates, Joshua Van Ness and Nick Ferriero, also on the bill.

It will also be a night to say goodbye to the Goldhawk, a venue that was once home to's Folk You! series, as they will be closing forever on Saturday July 11th.

So avoid the shore traffic this Friday and head north to The Goldhawk in Hoboken for what is sure to be a memorable evening of music.

By the way, if you're looking for a sneak peak of Jonathan Andrew's EP, "arrivals & departures", you can download "here's to the present" for free at or You can also hear an interview & in-studio performance by Jonathan Andrew in the Interview Archive.


My review of the Wave Gathering, including lots of pictures, is finally up at and It took me days to write it, please take a few minutes to read it.


Here's the programming schedule for this week:

Monday thru Friday at 8pm ET - Lazlo's Den

Tuesday - New Music Tuesday featuring new music from Miles Hunt & Erica Nockalls, The Undead, Law, Alex Brumel & Janel Elizabeth, The Datsuns, Peter Hollsapple & Chris Stamey, Bon Iver, and more!

And don't forget about our other shows on

Tuesday at 10pm ET - "Your Friends & Neighbors" hosted by Tris McCall

Thursday at 10pm ET - "Rock N Roll Gas Station" hosted by Jim Testa


The next Free Concert Series show at Buddie's Tavern is Saturday July 25th. This is a very special show featuring one of the best live touring bands, The Winter Sounds!!!! Their two albums are incredible, and their live show even more so! Also on the bill are two great local acts, Jonathan Andrew, and The Tea & Whiskey.


Remember to check out & for new Tweetviews (140 character reviews) of CDs.


If you missed any of the Guitar Pull with Jay Mazeffect & Paul Rosevear, from Sunday, you can now stream the show at

The next Guitar Pull will take place on Sunday July 12th with guests Jim Testa, and Mick Chorba (Dipsomaniacs/The Successful Failures).

You can now stream all the previous Guitar Pull's at


If you want to hear my (Lazlo) random thoughts on music and other things, follow me on Twitter:


Download free music from or

Jonathan Andrew - "here's to the present" song

Jon Dacks - "free to be" album

Jon Caspi, "this town" album

Gary Paul Hermus, "Xanadu From Outer Space" song

Woodfish, "Bamm Diddley" album.

Free music, now at or

Bands, if you'd like to put up a free download on or, please contact me.


Pissed Off!

Independence Day is Saturday here in America, a day where we celebrate our freedom. Freedom is a wonderful thing.

It allowed me to call our previous president Dipshit W, without fear of being arrested or killed for calling him that.

It also allows us to voice our objections to things the government are doing. Let's not forget how lucky we are to have these freedoms.

Iran may no longer be in the headlines, but there are still arrests, beatings, suppression, and other attrocities going on over there, as people continue to voice their dissent of what they feel was an unjust election.

We may not be able to help them directly, but we need to remember that these things are still happening over there, and try to keep the Iranians plight in the news. For only under the world's watchful eye, can the Iranians have a chance at the freedoms we cherish so much.

So when you're drinking a beer, cooking a burger, or watching fireworks on the 4th of July, think of those who do not have these freedoms.


That's all for this week folks.