Newsletter 7-13-09

Hey Everyone,

Allegedly my e-mail problems have been resolved. So if you’re still waiting for a reply from me, drop me another line as your e-mail may have been lost during the problem.


Here’s the programming schedule for this week:

Monday thru Friday at 8pm ET - Lazlo’s Den

Tuesday - New Music Tuesday featuring new music from Brian Wilson, Chris Ayer, Kaitlyn Raido, Gene Mills, Vera The Ghost, Kindred Soul, music from a new Love & Rockets tribute album, and more!

Wednesday - a preview of the Warped Tour which hits NJ this weekend

Thursday - an interview with Kindred Soul

And don’t forget about our other shows on

Tuesday at 10pm ET - ‘Your Friends & Neighbors’ hosted by Tris McCall

Thursday at 10pm ET - ‘Rock N Roll Gas Station’ hosted by Jim Testa


The next Free Concert Series show at Buddie’s Tavern is Saturday July 25th. This is a very special show featuring one of the best live touring bands, The Winter Sounds!!!! Their two albums are incredible, and their live show even more so! Also on the bill are two great local acts, Jonathan Andrew, and The Tea & Whiskey.


Remember to check out & for new Tweetviews (140 character reviews) of CDs.


Big thanks to Julian Peterson, Jim Testa, and Mick Chorba, who were part of yesterday’s Guitar Pull.

If you missed it, it will be available to stream soon on

The next Guitar Pull will take place on Sunday August 16th

You can now stream all the previous Guitar Pull’s at


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Download free music from or

Kindred Souls - whatchagonnado (new!)
Also Stream their entire new EP “social ninja”, this week only!

Jonathan Andrew - “here’s to the present” song

Jon Dacks - “free to be” album

Jon Caspi, “this town” album

Gary Paul Hermus, "Xanadu From Outer Space" song

Woodfish, "Bamm Diddley" album.

Free music, now at or

Bands, if you'd like to put up a free download on or, please contact me.


Concert Picks Of The Week


Lazlo (

Kindred Souls have their CD release party for, "social ninja", this Saturday at the Saint in Asbury Park. You can stream "social ninja" right here at Give it a listen, and then head to the show.


Jim Testa (Jersey Beat)

Thursday, July 16
WRECKLESS ERIC & AMY RIGBY, String Bean & The Stalkers - Asbury Lanes, 209 4th Ave. Asbury Park - 8 pm, $7, 18+

70's proto-punk wag Wreckless Eric and Hoboken-bred indie-rocker Amy Rigby met on tour and became a couple. Last year they recorded an album together combining Eric's angsty post-punk and Amy's witty observations on modern life. Gentlemen, do not wear sandals unless you want to be the butt of Amy's best new joke song.


Gary Wien (Asbury Music)

This week's pick includes: Wednesday at the Saint in Asbury Park with Maybe Pete, Rob Dye Band, and The Afterbangs; Friday at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park with The Parlor Mob, The Riverwinds, and Alberta Cross; and a video shoot for the Eryn Shewell Band at the Saint on Sunday from 4pm to 7pm.


Pissed Off!

This week I'm pissed off at myself...or at least the fact that I got sick. I had a sinus infection for almost a week that kept me from making it to any of the last few shows at The Goldhawk.

Sadly, The Goldhawk closed it's doors for good after a show this past Saturday night (7/11).

Another NJ venue bites the dust.

Another supporter of live original music says goodbye.

Another...well, you get what I'm saying.

In the close to 9 years that has been operating, I've seen more venues for original music close than I care to remember. Some of them were shit holes that deserved to close, others, like The Goldhawk, were havens for original music, with a great vibe, cool staff, and just felt like home.

We all, including myself, need to patronize the good venues for original music that are left. We need to go there and be thankful that there are places to go where you can hear a band that may one day be big enough to have their music covered by one of the many cover bands that plague the Garden State.

And we need to stop patronizing the places that only allow tribute and cover bands to play. There are enough sheep that will without us.

Those of us who know how good our local original music scene is, needs to get out there and enjoy it while there are still places to.


That's all for this week folks.