Newsletter 4-19-10

Hey Everyone,

Before I get into heavier stuff, a few quick updates:


This week on Lazlo’s Den:

Monday: An interview with Bill Brandenburg. He puts together the MUSIC ON MAIN STREET shows that happen in Woodbridge, and have had some amazing musicians be a part of it.

Wednesday: An interview with SAVOIR ADORE. Their album, “in the wooded forest”, is an absolute masterpiece!


Other new things on &

New interview in the Interview Archive: BEATALLICA

LAZLO'S ALBUM OF THE WEEK: No One Knows About Persian Cats soundtrack (4/11/10)

New Free MP3 Download: The Radio Dept. - "never follow suit" (MP3)

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We’re skipping April with the Free Concert Series, but we’ll be back with two shows in May!

Saturday May 8th - Jonathan Andrew, Brett Harris, Christian Beach, Filmstar

Saturday May 15th - Dr. Void and the Death Machines, The Filthy 3, The Break Evens


Now on to the heavier topic I mentioned before.

As you all know “This Album Kills Cancer” was released to help Shayne Miel with his medical expenses as a result of cancer treatments.

If you’ve been following his blog at then you know for a while there he looked to be through the worst of it.

That all changed last Thursday.

“Last Thursday, I started getting severe headaches and having some difficulty seeing. It was like when you walk into a darkened room from bright sunlight and you can still see flashing lights in front of your eyes. Except it was all over my field of vision. I was driving home from the hospital when it hit the first time, and I’d like to take this moment to apologize to the guy I almost hit as he was crossing the street - you looked like a large blob of light, sir.

That night, I talked to my friend Lisa who said that it would probably be a good idea to take these symptoms into the emergency room. And she was right. They scanned my head and discovered 6 masses which have now been identified as an outgrowth of the cancer that appeared in my chest last fall. “

You can read more of this at his blog, again,

The good news is he’s staying optimistic, and even though the brain tumors are inoperable his doctors believe they can treat it with chemo/radiation/bone marrow transplant (all of which you can read about in more detail on his blog).

While he has said nothing about it, one can be sure the bad news is that this will cost a lot more money.

If you have not already purchased “This Album Kills Cancer”, please consider doing so. It’s only $15 for 54 songs, and all money goes directly to Shayne Miel to help with his medical expenses as a result of cancer treatments.

See the full track listing and purchase the album here:

Shayne has been so thankful for the outpouring of support you guys have given him. And I thank you all for helping out a friend of mine.


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Here’s the programming schedule for this week:

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And, don't forget to stream or download Rock On Radio, directly from The latest installment includes guest Shaun Ryman.

While you’re at you can stream all the previous Guitar Pull’s.

The Guitar Pull will return with new installments soon.


Concert Picks Of The Week


Lazlo (

I have not yet been to the new venue in Orange, NJ, Hat City Kitchen, but Saturday is the perfect opportunity as New Day Dawn rocks this new venue & restaurant.


Jim Testa (Jersey Beat)

Wednesday, April 21
GARY SCHREINER - A Music Space, 503 Third St. Hoboken - 7 pm, $20, all ages

Gary Schreiner is the ultimate sideman. He's played with Joan Osborne, Yoko Ono, Patti Labelle, and Carly Simon among many others. He is a collaborator, a writer, an incredible multi-faceted musician playing accordion, chromatic harp and piano. He will be performing with his trio and then taking questions from the audience at this new, intimate DIY concert space in Hoboken.


Pissed Off!

This past Saturday was Record Store Day, and it’s important to me to point out that everyday should be record store day.

Sure you can go on-line and download pretty much any song you want (legally, I hope), or you can buy a CD and get it in the mail in a few days time, but for me (and hopefully you), it’s just not the same as going to a record store.

A record store for me has always been a place I would go and hang out. Some kids loved going to Toys R Us (which I’m sure I also did as a child), but I remember always spending a good hour in any record store growing up, looking at all the album covers, and music before deciding what album to spend my allowance on. Whether it was Joan Jett & The Blackheart’s - “I love rock & roll”, Weird Al Yankovic’s - “in 3-D”, the Clash’s - “combat rock”, or Def Leppard’s - “pyromania” (an album I loved so much at the time that I burned through 4 copies of the cassette), I remember buying each one at the Recordtown in the local mall.

As I grew older and found stores like Cheap Thrills (RIP), the Record Setter (RIP), Vintage Vinyl, and Jack‘s Music, I spent a lot of time going through their seemingly endless racks of albums. The people at these stores were knowledgeable about music and saw what you were grabbing and made suggestions for other bands you might like, long before the internet did that for you.

I remember seeing High Fidelity when it first came out, and Championship Vinyl seemed like so many record stores I used to hang out in. I say used to, because even in 2000 independent record stores were an endangered species. At the time the only record stores left in New Brunswick was Tunes (which closed shortly thereafter…sadly), and a Sam Goody (which also closed several years ago).

Yes, Vintage Vinyl, Jack’s Music, Princeton Record Exchange, The Record Collector, and a few other cool independent record stores still exist in New Jersey, but there seem to be fewer and fewer each year.

I can’t be the only person who still enjoys looking through the racks of albums and deciding to take a chance on an artist that maybe I’ve heard one song from, or maybe only their name, buying it, going home and putting it on my stereo and lying down to listen to it from beginning to end.

That’s something often lost on people who just download songs and put it on their MP3 players, albums are made to be played in order from beginning to end.

Now I’m not trying to put down MP3 players. I own one (although I rarely use it), I just think it’s important we still remember the beauty of being able to walk into a record store, peruse their library, talk to others in the music buying community, and walk out with an album to bring home and listen to.

Last Saturday was Record Store Day, but every day needs to be Record Store Day!


That's all for this week folks.