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Newsletter 1-24-12

Hey Everyone,

Looking out my window watching the sun set on a pleasantly warm January day, it is hard to believe just a few days ago snow and ice kept me from making it out of my development to several shows I had planned to hit.

But such is life...

However, rather than sitting around moping all weekend, I managed to listen to a ton of new music (some of which you can hear on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music this week), and I added a lot of great new NJ bands into BlowUpRadio.com's regular playlist.This leads me to a strange question that came up recently. A musician friend of mine, whose band is played regularly on BlowUpRadio.com, asked me if it was ok tell other bands to send music to me for airplay.

To make this 100% clear, OF COURSE IT IS!

Not only do I love listening to new music, but I love being able to expose the listeners of BlowUpRadio.com & Lazlo's Den to great new music. If I don't have a band's music, I can't play it.

So please, spread the word. Tell every musician you know. BlowUpRadio.com & Lazlo's Den is always seeking new music.


The next BlowUpRadio.com Free Concert Series @ Buddie’s Tavern show is Saturday February 18th and features No Use For Humans, Happy Joe, and The Black 100s.


Latest Updates on BlowUpRadio.com & LazlosDen.com

ALBUM PROFILE: The Campbell Apartment - "in"

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: orbital - "never"

MUSIC VIDEO: Butch Walker & The Black Widows - "synthesizers"

FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD: Jospeh Arthur - "redemption city"

MUSIC VIDEO: Bruce Springsteen - "we take care of our own"


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music we have new music from:


Have Nots - proud

The Brixton Riot - palace amusements

Vocal Few - she’ll be right

Said The Whale - little mountain

One Model Nation - totalwerks vol 1 (1969-1977)

Grand Duchy - let the people speak

The Brigantines - take you home

Dr. Void & The Death Machines - double feature

double-breasted - suit yourself

Joseph Arthur - redemption city

Orbital - wonky

Full playlist with links to all the bands is at www.LazlosDen.com. Support Good Music!

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Here’s the BlowUpRadio.com programming schedule for this week:

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‘The Weekend Mix-Up!’ hosted by Mick Hale - Friday @ 9pm ET, Sat @ 9pm, Sun @ 1pm & 6pm


That's all for this week folks.