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Newsletter 6-5-12

Hey Everyone,

The next BlowUpRadio.com Free Concert @ Buddie’s Tavern:

Saturday June 23rd – Zigman Bird, John Rango & Friends, Mike Kovacs

Buddie's Tavern is located at 277 Johnsons Lane, Parlin (Sayreville), NJ


Lazlo’s Corner

THE PORCHISTAS return with their latest, and greatest so far, “THE BABY ALBUM”. Opening with the peppy, infectious pop-rocker, “friends of the underground”, the album immediately sucked me in. The Porchistas then shift into a punk alt-country band with “tooty tooty ta”. From there the album goes into an almost Caribbean flavored vibe for a more serious song about Newark’s riots (“make a wish”). If my description of those first three songs don’t give you a feel for how diverse this band can be, then there is also the fun hard rock anthem (“zombie jesus”), the old vaudville-esque kind of creepy nursery rhymish song (“swing little girl”) (which I have been told by the band is actually about suicide…this is why I like when bands print out their lyrics in the liner notes), a folksy song about gun control that appears to hint at the events of Trayvon Martin’s death (“frankly, you can thank me”), and the simple acoustic, “song for Harry”, about band member Adam Falzer’s soon to be born son (which is also the reason for the album’s title). Somehow The Porchistas manages to make this all into one cohesive and amazing album.

Although the members of THE STATIC SEA are only in their early 20’s, they have been around NJ’s music scene for several years (originally performing under the name St. Sat B). Their full length debut, “THIRD PARTIES”, is a fully realized album by a full band, all the more impressive because the band is only a duo. These songs are epic pieces, not in length, but in the sonic aural sounds that they make. Swirling melodic instruments, with lush harmonic vocals on some songs can then give way to a more standard pop sound. This is a wonderful debut from a band I can’t wait to hear more from.

Another group making a name for themselves in the NJ scene is LIGHTNING JAR. Their new album, “SO LONG TRAVELER”, is soulful, folk rock bliss. Managing to capture a relaxed, laid back vibe, without falling into the trap of making forgettable easy listening, they make songs that days after my first listen I was still humming in my head. Remember the first time you heard the Jayhawks and realized how brilliant they were? I feel the same way about Lightning Jar.

BLUES TRAVELER, who only a few months ago celebrated their 25th year as a band with a two disc hits/rarities collection, returns already with their 11th studio album, “SUZIE CRACKS THE WHIP” (out on 6/26). Even as a long time fan of the band I will readily admit that some of their albums are better than others, and a few of their recent albums left me largely disappointed, with only a few great songs on an otherwise mediocre album. I am ecstatic to say that is not the case with this album. From beginning to end, “Suzie Cracks The Whip” is a joyous, dare I say brilliant, album! Maybe it is because instead of the songs all being written up as being by Blues Traveler, each member brought their own music and/or lyrics to the table for this album (including keyboardist Ben Wilson, who wrote the words and music for “cover me“). Several songs were co-written by John Popper with Ron Sexsmith, Carrie Rodriguez co-wrote one, Aaron Beavers (of Shurman) co-wrote one song and completely wrote the lead off track (and single), “you don’t have to love me”, and Chris Barron (of the Spin Doctors) wrote another track on the album. The songs traverse a bevy of styles from their familiar pop sound, to a song War could have recorded back in the day (“devil in the details”), to rootsy laid back alt-country (“love is everything (that I deserve)”), to the closing beauty of a piano ballad (“Cara let the moon”). This isn’t just a great Blues Traveler album, it is one of the most fun albums I have heard so far this year!
Blues Traveler will play Penns Landing on 8/15, as part of the ‘Last Summer On Earth Tour’ with Barenaked Ladies, Cracker, and Big Head Todd & The Monsters (it’s almost like a ‘HORDE Tour’ reunion!)

How do I describe a band from Brooklyn that uses banjo, woodwinds, trumpet, percussion, and bass, to make old-timey, fun time N’Orleans-esque music? I think ROOSEVELT DIME may have described it best with the title of their album, “STEAMBOAT SOUL”. This is good times, clap along, sing & dance, and make you feel good all over music. Do yourself a favor and check them out!

And I leave you this week with a new music video from JASON & THE VIKINGS, for their song, “YOU LOOK LIKE A STAGEHAND”. This is a great song, and it is amazing how the stock footage syncs up really well with the music. http://blowupradio.tripod.com/videos/vikings.html
Jason & The Vikings will be playing BlowUpRadio.com’s Free Concert Series on Saturday July 14th.


This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music we have new music from:


Jonathan Coulton (with John Roderick) - artificial heart

Bern & The Brights - Irish boys

Foster Care - bad vibe city

Iggy Pop & Ginger Baker - Black on Blues: A Tribute to the Black Keys

Hoots & Hellmouth - salt

Lightning Jar - so long traveler

Roosevelt Dime - steamboat soul

The Static Sea - third parties

Men Without Hats - love in the age of war

The Hollows - The Hollows EP

Blues Traveler - suzie cracks the whip

Fidlar - no waves/no asses

Enola Fall - isolationist

The Porchistas - the baby album

Full playlist with links to all the bands is at www.LazlosDen.com. Support Good Music!

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