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Newsletter 1-7-14

Hey Everyone,

Happy New Year!

If you missed our live New Year’s Eve broadcast, you missed one hell of a broadcast! Live performances from Diego Allessandro & Lot 25, Tony Tedesco & Full Fathom 5, Frat, Me & My Shadow, Snowball 37, and Pat Veil! Plus special call in guests!

You also missed Lazlo counting down his top 20 albums of 2013. See the list below in Lazlo’s Corner.

We definitely plan to do more live broadcast parties like this!


If you missed Monday night’s Lazlo’s Den Presents New New Jersey Music special, you will have another chance to hear it this Friday night.


Saturday January 25th is our first ever Free Concert at Espresso Joe’s!

It’s also the first ever Live Guitar Pull with Jon Caspi, Pete Jager (The Extras, Inc.), & Pat Vail (Sir Dove). As if that’s not enough, we have a special opening acoustic set from September’s Ghost!

This is an experiment. If it works, we hope to do this on a monthly basis, so come out and support local live original music!


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Lazlo's Den Presents New Music Playlist for NJ Music Special 1/6/14
Lazlo's Top 100 Albums of 2013: 20-1
Lazlo's Top 100 Albums of 2013: 30-21

~~~ is always looking for more DJs interested in doing a specialty or eclectic music show. Interested? Contact us.


Lazlo’s Corner

Lazlo’s Top 20 albums of 2013

20. Son Of Dov - gone to seed
19. Fairmont - The Grand And Grandiose
18. The Howlin’ Brothers - howl
17. Zak Smith - the Precambrian age
16. The Wag - continuum
15. Mark Knopfler - privateering
14. Grace & Tony - november
13. Ben Harper with Charlie Musselwhite - get up!
12. Blue Rodeo - in our nature
11. Cuff The Duke - union
10. Skinny Lister - forge & flagon
9. Dexys - one day I’m going to soar
8. Ed Tang - goodbye, zen5, sushi dinner
7. Casino Sundae - retrograde
6. Jon Caspi & The First Gun - Sucker
5. The Grahams - riverman’s daughter
4. September’s Ghost - keep calm
3. David Bowie - the next day
2. Tony Tedesco & Full Fathom 5 - full fathom 5
1. Moon Motel - the lonely romantic



This week on Lazlo's Den Presents New Music we have new music from:


Supersuckers - get the hell
The Poles - merman/the pest 7”
Young Girls - caroline
Pep - my baby and me
Tom Appleman - big flirt
Ghostpal - infinity of folded cloth
Franchot Tone - thanks for this
Norris Man - these feelings
The People’s Whiskey - The People’s Whiskey
Ben Harper - sweetheart 2014
Aziza & The Cure - through all our fears
Colony House - Colony House ep
Fair Oaks - this is the river
Matt Andersen - weightless
Mike Mains & The Branches - calm down, everything is fine

Full playlists with links to all the bands at Support Good Music!

Lazlo's Den Presents New Music airs on Tues @ 8pm, Wed @ 11am & 10pm, Thurs @ 3am & midnight, Fri @ 9am & 3pm, and Sun @ 8pm (all times are eastern time zone)

Plus our Lazlo’s Den Presents New Music Special that aired on 1/6/14, and will re-air on Friday 1/10/14


Son Of Dov - oh fire (demo)
Frat - ep
Corrina, Corrina - turnpike gates
Accidental Seabirds - the greenpoint spill
The Clydes - generator
A Halo Called Fred - we love you all
Secret Islands - beating the bush
Snowball 37 - it’s you
gods - new future
Cackhander Happy - pizza single
Science - any waking moment
Dentist - no matter
Deal Casino - the runaways ep
Geno & The Jukebox - epic fail
Vasudeva - life in cycles


Our on air schedule at is

Here’s the programming schedule for this week:

Concert Preview Show – Sunday thru Saturday @ 7pm ET

Lazlo’s Den - Monday thru Friday @ 8pm ET, replay @ 11am ET

Lazlo’s Den presents New Music - Tues @ 8pm ET, Wed @ 11am & 10pm, Thurs @ 3am & midnight, Fri @ 9am & 3pm, Sun @ 8pm

‘Rock N Roll Gas Station’ hosted by Jim Testa - Thursday @ 10pm ET, Sun @ 7pm, & Mon @ 6pm


That's all for this week folks.